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Fleur-de-Links: January 2, 2013

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Anonymous Saints defensive player expresses strong dislike of Steve Spagnuolo to media.

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Eagles' front office heads to Atlanta to interview Mike Nolan, Keith Armstrong

Saints Sign Five Players to Future Contracts

: NFL examining Sean Payton, Gregg Williams reinstatements

Have Rueben Randle and Terrance Tolliver weighed in on the Spags issue yet?

So 3 of 3 players who have spoken out against ADP or in favor of Spags are linebackers. There has to be something to that, right?

Just talked with a player. Said the one thing that stood out most about 's story was the assertion by the player that...

...Spags treated "people like crap." The player said Spags has been great about hearing players out, coming to a neutral ground in any...

...disagreement they might have had. Another staffer said Spags and his wife are well-liked throughout the entire organization.

The player, by the way, was Curtis Lofton. Said he never felt like Spags was disresprected anyone.

I like turtles

If Payton fires Spags & brings back Double G twitter will explode,Skip Bayless has heart attack & Goodell suspends EVERYBODY

I'm about to unfollow Larry Holder for like the 5th time for big-timing somebody on Twitter by using his content without attribution.

Yeah, that was bulls***. RT : LMMFAO at giving the Jay Glazer treatment "asked by someone on twitter,"

According to a high-placed Rams source, linebackers coach Blake Williams has been fired, Y! Sports has learned...

Blake Williams had been the team's de facto defensive coordinator, making calls on game day, at the start of the season...

No decision has yet been made on the future of Blake's father, exiled defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who remains under NFL suspension

Gregg Williams, suspended indefinitely for his role in the Saints' pay-for-injure/performance scandal, has not yet been reinstated...

...thus Rams coach Jeff Fisher has not communicated with Gregg Williams and has not yet decided what will happen after his reinstatement...

Blake Williams, according to the source, was fired in part because of a brusque, tactless style in dealing with colleagues and players...

Other staff changes are expected to be announced soon by Fisher, who went 7-8-1 in his first season as Rams coach...

Gregg Williams totally needs a job right now, and I'm not sayin' nothin', just throwing that little info out there for people to know about

I mean, what if the player(s) knew Williams was getting fired in St Louis, and conciously made a play in the media to get him back?

Jeff Duncan still judges public opinion based on unblocked people (who have apparently never been mean to him)

Williams in looking for another job is telling other coaches he and Gregg Williams are gone, although decision on ...

Ray Lewis, one of the true all-time greats! Gonna be sad to see him go.

": Cowboys fan sticking a Romo jersey in washing machine full of explosives & shooting " -- Stellar parenting

. Do you agree with the comments about Spagnuolo?

no. I will just b the obvious choice cuz wasnt playing. No animosity. Spags didn't control that anyways.

Yeah but we can tell the difference. You can't RT : not every anon source has ax to grind. Sometimes agenda is simply the truth

Just landed in Houston. Hope everybody's having a good week and working thru the New Years hangover.

At least two teams have preliminary interest in Jim Haslett as a head coaching candidate...

Haha. I will give you 2 plays RT : I wanna step on a NFL field so bad ?? like with the players ya kno..


Anonymous player airs Saints defenses' dirty laundry to local media:

New Orleans Saints player: Steve Spagnuolo should be fired as defensive coordinator |
Player says every position group was frustrated with Spagnuolo and his scheme

Anonymous Saint Says Steve Spagnuolo "Treats People Like Crap," Should Be Fired
I'm really glad that whole "no more nasty, anonymous quotes" movement didn't take off, because come on, they're so much fun. Two days after one one of the NFL's worst defenses in history finishes its season, we have an unnamed Saints player going to town on defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

" Is It 2013 Yet? The Angry Who Dat

All You Need Is…Lovie? - Who Dat Social Club
One defensive savior brought us to the Super Bowl, then blew a hole in the bottom of the hull. The next just widened the hole. Looks like we need another defensive savior…and who’s available?

Jonathan Vilma takes issue with Steve Spagnuolo report: 'We're not the Jets' |
"It was his first year putting it in, and everything we went through, yeah I'm a firm believer in the system," Lofton said. "I think it's a complicated system, but at the same time it has an answer for everything an offense does. We will be successful in the future. ... Yes, there is some thinking that goes into it before the play and during the play, but once you've got a grasp to it, I really think this is a great system."

Steve Spagnuolo criticism a by-product of rare losing season by New Orleans Saints |
Spagnuolo likely will stay with team, but defense's struggles obviously didn't sit well

Saints Nation: Should Steve Spagnuolo Be Fired?


Bountyfarce continues: 3 days and counting since Saints season ended and still no Payton reinstatement:

NFL examining Sean Payton, Gregg Williams reinstatements -
The NFL has begun internally discussing the reinstatements of Saints coach Sean Payton and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, according to a source with knowledge of their process.

Gregg Williams, Blake Williams reportedly won't be with St. Louis Rams next season |
Gregg Williams has not been reinstated by league


Saints shift focus to 2013 season, aka. the "IT'S ON!" season:

New Orleans Saints Sign Five Players to Future Contracts
The New Orleans Saints have signed DE Braylon Broughton, WR Jarred Fayson, G Ryan Lee, DB Ryan Steed and WR Andy Tanner to futures contracts, New Orleans Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis announced Wednesday.

When Payton returns, there will be plenty to take care of but transition should be smooth | New Orleans
Joe Vitt has said all along that the team he was in charge of in 2012 wasn’t his team, that it was still Sean Payton’s ballclub in spite of the head coach’s year-long suspension.

Lack of defense kept Saints from NFC playoffs | New Orleans Saints | The Sun Herald
METAIRIE-- The Saints ended the 2012 regular season last week after surrendering more big plays than they accomplished. Here's a look back:



This Date in Saints History: January 2nd
1983—In a make-up game from the season's strike, the Saints defeated the Falcons in the Superdome, 35-6, to finish the season 4-5 but missed the playoffs due to a complicated modified tiebreaker system.

Are Saints fans crunked out?: Letter |

Drew Brees offers high praise for Tony Romo as he aims to alter perception | Shreveporttimes |
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Quarterback Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have played this game before: travel to an NFC East opponent for the regular-season finale with their playoff lives on the line.

Just sing the national anthem as it was composed: Letter |
I just wanted to express my disappointment in the way Joshua Ledet sang what was to be the Star Spangled Banner at Sunday's Saints game. I am so tired of everyone trying to put their own "spin" on our national anthem. His rendition was absolutely horrible!