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Championship Sunday 2013: Prediction Time

Here we are. The NFC and AFC Championship games are upon us. Lets predict who will move on to New Orleans!


The road to the Mercedez-Benz Superdome and Super Bowl XLVII is almost complete. Here are today's CSC predictions!

NFC Championship

We start in Atlanta where the #1 seed Atlanta Falcons host the #2 seed San Francisco 49ers in the early game. I don't expect Colin Kaepernick to play out of his mind the way he did in the Divisional round but he should continue to play effectively against the Atlanta defense. The San Francisco defense speaks for itself, Atlanta's offensive line will have to hold all game long. God help the Niners though if there's a minute or less on the clock and the Falcons have the ball with a field goal to win. Choosing a team to root against more in this matchup couldn't have been harder. A great number of Saints fans are looking for a SF blowout but I don't see that happening here.

Fun fact: The last five NFC Championship games have been decided by 7 points or less. I expect more of the same here. Here's how I see this one going:

San Francisco 27 - Atlanta 20

Difference Maker - TE, Vernon Davis

AFC Championship

Next we move on to Foxboro where the #2 seed New England Patriots host the #4 seed Baltimore Ravens in the late game. Personally, this game couldn't have been tougher to pick. I see a very even, back and forth matchup much like last year's AFC Championship between these two. Again, much like last year's game though I think the Patriots will find a way to just hang on for the win.

Fun fact: The home team has won the last six AFC Championship games. I think the trend continues. Here's how I see this one going:

New England 28 - Baltimore 26

Difference Maker - TE, Aaron Hernandez

What do you think will happen today Who Dat Nation? Leave us your predictions and comments below!