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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, January 20

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints and NFL- related news, analysis, commentary, opinion, and whatnot. TODAY's HEADLINE: There are only three games left in the 2012 season - SOB!

The only thing missing from this picture in a couple of weeks will be the Saints. But I'm not bitter.
The only thing missing from this picture in a couple of weeks will be the Saints. But I'm not bitter.
Chris Graythen

Update (12:32 pm): Now Includes AWESOME Roger Goodell Mardi Gras Rage-Float Link

New Orleans Expresses Its Roger Goodell Hatred In Obscene Float Form | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - HansDat note: you won't this picture in's Carnival Coverage. Society Page GrandDamme Nell Nolan would blush herself into oblivion!!



This happened earlier tonight KingCakeBaby was soul searching in the crowd. Literally. Avert your eyes!

this is what's up tonight in B'ham >>>> " come ! in the building!

Guess I better enjoy all this me time cuz when makayla and her momma get here ill prolly be begging to be bored again lol

If she wants to there she will

After getting annihilated for about 5 or 6 games on COD I think ima quit on that last game of 30 kills to make myself feel good

Can't sleep..very excited abt Sunday's NFC championship

I might have found my new favorite ice cream. Coconut milk Dairy free

I'm up, I'm up, I'm up!

Beautiful winter morning in Foxboro, temperatures in the mid-40s ... Couldn't be nicer this time of year.


The Road to New Orleans

NFL conference championship games: What to watch |
Here are six things to watch - three for each of Sunday's NFL conference championship games - as four teams battle to determine this year's Super Bowl matchup.

Road to New Orleans has two more important stops | The Advocate
The proverbial Road to New Orleans will get a lot shorter for two teams Sunday.

Who Dat Nation nightmare: The Falcons (or the 49ers) in Super Bowl 2013 |
Mark Lorando - For New Orleans Saints fans, trying to decide whether to root for the thoroughly hated San Francisco 49ers or the utterly despised Atlanta Falcons in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game is like trying to choose between waterboarding and electrocution: Which form of torture would you prefer?

49ers-Falcons rewind: Go to 'White Shoes' - NFC West Blog |
Mike Sando - The San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons were division rivals for more than three decades until the NFL realigned into eight four-team divisions.

A tale of Fire and Ice: 49ers vs. Falcons - NFL Videos
The San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick are on a quest to hold the Lombardi Trophy but will have to conquer the dynamic Atlanta Falcons. What will happen when these two forces collide?

Time to give Matt Ryan his due (and other CCG notes) |
Ashley Fox - Falcons QB Matt Ryan has had a remarkable five-year run, so why does he seem to lack respect?

John Clayton's First and Goal: Championship round |
Teams put up 276 points in the divisional round of the playoffs. Will the trend continue?

Thoughts on Championship Games |
Andrew Juge - For me the playoffs have come down to rooting against the Atlanta Falcons and being satisfied with whatever other possible combination of results happen.

2012 Conference Championship Picks |
"So at last we meet again for the first time for the last time…"

Coaching Clipboards For The AFC, NFC Championship Games |
PFM Staff



Seventy-three players granted special eligibility for NFL draft |
Each of the 73 players has met the league's three-year eligibility rule and each has submitted a written application in which he renounced his remaining college football eligibility.

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