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Super Bowl 2013: Most Annoying Story Line

Hey, did you guys hear that the Harbaugh brothers will be coaching against each other in the Super Bowl!? Did you know this is going to be Ray Lewis' final NFL game before he retires?

Rob Carr

Of course you did! Who the hell hasn't!? The Super Bowl XLVII fight card has been set for less than 24 hours and the media is already starting to sound like a broken record. A very, very annoying broken record. Let's face it, this Super Bowl matchup was the best thing to happen to Manti Te'o this week.


And I've got bad news: you're going to keep hearing those same tired story lines for the next two weeks, including a few others. Because the media loves a feel good story like a fat kid loves cake. Let's take a look at a few of the stories that will make us cringe each time we hear them over the next two weeks.

  • A Tale of Two Harbaughs.
  • Ray Lewis retiring.
  • Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?
  • The Harbaugh Bowl.
  • Ed Reed returns home for his first Super Bowl.
  • Ray Lewis passing the torch to Patrick Willis.
  • The HarBowl.
  • What must Alex Smith be thinking?

Throw in a feel-good story about Michael Oher every now and then and I'd say this list portrays a fairly accurate picture of what you can expect to hear over and over and over and over until February 3rd.


But which one will take the crown for most annoying? And is it possible that I've missed a story line? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts.