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NFL Mock Draft: Saints Select Johnathan Hankins

Yet another mock draft thinks defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins is a good fit for the Saints. But is he really the answer?

Jonathan Daniel

The NFL mock drafts will start coming at a fast and furious pace as the actual NFL Draft gets closer and SB Nation's Mocking the Draft is no exception.

Matthew Fairburn's most recent mock was released Monday and interestingly enough, he's chosen the same player that Mel Kiper chose for the Saints last week: defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins from Ohio State. Looks like we've got ourselves a consensus. Here's what Matthew has to say about his selection:

15. New Orleans Saints - Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

No team in the NFL has a worse run defense than New Orleans, which could lose defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis to free agency. Even if Johnathan Hankins is used as a depth piece to go along with Brodrick Bunkley and Akiem Hicks, he could help plug up the middle and use his quick first step to collapse the pocket.

Can't say I'm really crazy about this pick. First of all, I'd rather the Saints take a true pass rushing lineman, not just a space-filler good at stuffing the run. And if the Saints are going to take a defensive tackle, I'd like him to be more than just a "depth piece." Not really a glowing description of Hankins here. This is the first round of the NFL Draft after all. The Saints be looking to hit more of a homerun, not just fill the roster with mediocre talent.

Am I wrong? What are you thoughts?