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Fleur-de-Links: January 23, 2013

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Coach Payton gives press conference while at Senior Bowl. His characteristic "uhh's" never sounded so wonderful.

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Gregg Williams been looking for work for more than three weeks d coordinator ever played for. hope he gets chance

I always see all kinds of tomfoolery. It doesn't bother me though. To a point

Are you ready for the Pelicans?New Orleans Hornets to announce their official name change & more at presser Thursday.

I killed a deer!!!! I dig this hunting s***! I love hanging with my white friends, drink beer, hunt and wear same clothes 4 days straight!

Some dude on tee vee just made chicken fried watermelon.

Guess he won't be a candidate RT : The Oakland Raiders have hired former Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano ...

The Oakland Raiders have hired former Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano as their assistant head coach/offensive line.

In all seriousness, Sean Payton handled that extremely well. Gotta respect how he stood his ground in certain areas too.

Love getting up in the morning, working out and being productive. Makes the rest of the day so much better.

Payton left with a Nick Saban style police escort.

Payton's press conference has ended. We will post the full video of it later today

Part of Payton coaching his son's Pop Warner team makes me laugh. You think any parent had the gall to say his/her kid was being used wrong?

Media crowd at Payton's press conference. Has gone for 40+ minutes:

: Payton on the Read option, it's nerve racking & I don't know enough about it and that bothers me

I'm watching Sean Payton on my computer, about 20-25 minutes behind ... And I see here on Twitter, he's still talking?!

Payton said he thinks the world of Aaron Kromer and it's a tough loss.

Payton: "Our fan base is unique, they'll travel further distances to see us play, as a player and a coach you want that."

Payton: "We have to do a lot of things better or we will be at this Senior Bowl early again next year"

Payton said he paid attention to the Free Payton shirts and rallies. He said the support is all you can ask for.

That was me, asshole. It's on the ceiling over my bed. RT: Somebody bought the "Do Your Job" mural at an auction? ... The shame.

Payton said he has "a few" legal pads he'll be bringing to his meetings.

: Brees takes such good care of his body & trains. He's not one of those players I'm worried about when not in the building

Payton said his relationship with Goodell has changes and it's very good and positive.

Payton said today's meeting with the staff and meetings down the line will be painful. That's what 7-9 does.

Has Sean Payton cut yet?

sorry to disappoint

: I have no interest in talking to Gregg Williams

LOL at Payton's conspicuously direct "No, no, I have no interest in talking to Gregg."

Payton said the reaction to Goodell in New Orleans should be gracious from the public.

Payton said he has to take a look at personnel on defense and make sure they are put in a position to play well.

Payton: "The most important element here is closure and all of us moving forward"


Sean Payton gives first presser in many months as Saints head coach

Sean Payton: No interest in talking to Gregg Williams -
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton touched on a variety of topics after being reinstated Wednesday from his defense, to Gregg Williams, to coaching for another team, to the fairness of his suspension. Yep, Payton is back.

Payton: There was no way I was going to another team | New Orleans
Saints head coach Sean Payton says he's glad to be back with the team and that despite all of the media speculation and rumor over his contract status, he had no intention of going anywhere else.

Sean Payton quotes from press conference | New Orleans
Sean Payton talked about everything from his suspension, to the team's struggles, thoughts on Gregg Williams and more.

Sean Payton: I never considered leaving Saints | SI Tracking Blog – Tracking MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA On Twitter
SI Tracking Blog - Breaking Sports News As It Happens From The MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA And Formula 1

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton press conference, live updates |
This is Payton's first press conference since his reinstatement from a season-long suspension in the wake of Bounty-Gate

Sean Payton says he regrets not managing his staff better | ProFootballTalk
In his first public comments since being reinstated from his season-long suspension for his role in the Saints' bounty scandal, coach Sean Payton hinted that his biggest regret is that he didn't crack down on his defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, who has been singled out as the mastermind of th...

Sean Payton reinstated with the Saints | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
MOBILE, Ala. — As he prepared to leave the hotel lobby Tuesday morning for the short drive to Senior Bowl practice, New Orleans Saints in…


Goodell vs. Who Dat Nation?

New Orleans Saints fans unlikely to forgive Roger Goodell - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Just like chugging water and taking aspirin before bed after a bender, the NFL has tried to minimize the headache it knows is coming. This — and not good behavior on anyone's part — is why I believe Goodell lifted Payton’s year-long suspension on Tuesday several weeks earlier than expected.

Handwerger: Time to move on from bounty scandal | New Orleans
Finally, the Saints’ nightmare of a 2012 NFL year is done. Sean Payton has been reinstated.

Let's surprise Roger Goodell by being gracious: Letter |
Roger Goodell, like it or not, will soon be a guest in my hometown New Orleans, which is soon to be my home again. As much as my initial desire is to see the city give him the cold shoulder, if not worse, you know what I really wish? That the greatest city in the world rise above his level and lead by example.

Roger Goodell isn't responsible for New Orleans' recovery: Letter |
Re: "New Orleans, let the hate go for Goodell and revel in the recovery," Sports, Jan. 23. We did not realize Roger Goodell was the Czar of Recovery post-Katrina for the city and the Saints. Or that we owe our existence to him. I assume Jeff Duncan knows a lot about football. After all, he is a sports writer. But I am pretty sure Steve Gleason blocked that punt, not Roger. Mr. Duncan's comments to us about "taking the high road" are particularly hard to stomach, given that they appear alongside an article outlining the bounty scandal timeline. Practice what you preach. Or, better yet; don't preach at all. Marguerite Kingsmill New Orleans



Gregg Williams has been looking for work for more than three weeks | ProFootballTalk
While the NFL has yet to reinstate former Saints and former (for a few weeks) Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the league has allowed him to look for work. Jim Thomas of the St.

Seau family sues NFL | ProFootballTalk
On the heels of the disclosure that linebacker Junior Seau suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy when he committed suicide in May 2012, Seau's family is now suing the NFL for wrongful death. The suit was filed Wednesday in California Superior Court.

Players are taking the Pro Bowl bait | ProFootballTalk
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has huffed and puffed and threatened to pull the plug on the Pro Bowl. The players apparently are now willing to take the risk of blowing their own bodies down.

Police make arrest in stabbing outside Georgia Dome | ProFootballTalk
Although initial reports said a Falcons fan punched a 49ers fan and the 49ers fan retaliated by stabbing the Falcons fan, police now say the dispute had nothing to do with fan allegiances. Instead, police say it was some sort of dispute about food at a tailgate outside the stadium.

ESPN Says It Has A Spreadsheet Of Manti Te'o's Phone Calls [UPDATED]
Jeremy Schaap has obtained from "a source" (Te'o?) what are purported to be Manti Te'o's phone records, covering the four months from May 11 through Sept. 12, when Lennay Kekua "died."

Frank Gore fined $10,500 for low socks | ProFootballTalk
While you were watching 49ers running back Frank Gore running for 90 yards and two touchdowns to help the 49ers to their comeback victory over the Falcons, others were paying attention to other things about Gore. The level of his socks, to be exact.

Saints Nation's Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season: #4 - Malcom Jenkins Catching Vincent Jackson from Behind | January | 2013 Articles



Video: Sean Payton's first order of business - ESPN
Adam Schefter discusses the challenges Sean Payton faces as he returns to coaching the Saints.

Sean Payton: 'The hardest part was not having the personal interaction' - NFL Videos
After missing the 2012 season, Sean Payton speaks out about being reinstated as the New Orleans Saints head coach.