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Fleur-de-Links: January 24, 2013

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Jeff Duncan is NOT a popular person, but you knew that already.

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Landrieu says changing to the Pelicans gives New Orleans the final step in making the team the city's.

Landrieu: I'm pumped up about the

New Orleans Pelicans' logos

ALCU sues to block Super Bowl ''clean zone'' in N.O.

Dennis Lauscha, team president, says pelicans represents the city and the region.

Lauscha says the font for New Orleans was inspired by Bourbon Street

Their secondary logo is a "Bird de lis." The fleur de lis shaped like a pelican.

Here it is, your new logo.

The Pelicans’ colors will be blue, gold and red

Off we go..

Haha RT : The rhyme "Step on a crack, break your mother’s back" was originally "Step on a crack and your mother will turn black."

Sean Payton re-booked for tomorrow's PFT Live. Unless it actually turns out to be Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Goodell on reception he expects to receive in New Orleans after bounty case: "We'll find out next week but we're excited about being there."

Here is my 1st synthetic speech from the Team Gleason House press conference via -SG

Tickets still available for Super Bowl Media Day. & will sign autographs at the event

Report: New Orleans Hornets> Pelicans announce new nickname, logo today (via Yahoo! Sports) " still not 2 late! No! Ha


Grandmaster Wang brilliantly responds to Jeff Duncan's pretentious "Goodell should be hailed as hero" rant

moosedenied " Blog Archive " It’s a fine, fine day for a reunion…
Anyway, setting aside Roger's self-serving ploy for retroactive redemption, this is simply the latest example of certain members of the Legitimate Media™ taking themselves (and by extension the situation) way, way too seriously. They've conjured up this horrifying image in their minds of a citywide angry mob unleashing all manner of incivility under the brightest of international spotlights, and they've taken it upon themselves to pre-emptively plead with us to behave. To condescendingly lecture us on how important it is that we somehow manage to control ourselves while the elites are among us. You know, for the good of the city. Wouldn't want to project the image that we're a bunch of butthurt lunatics at the mercy of our own misguided spite. Or something. Shove it up your ass, Duncan. You too, Mitch.


Another great post bitch-slapping Jeff Duncan

Times-Picayune Columnist Jeff Duncan: ‘Roger Goodell Should Be Hailed As A New Orleans Hero’ | HOT 107.9
Look, I’m just a DJ who happens to love the Saints, my home state of Louisiana, and it’s crowned jewel that we know as the city of New Orleans – and I’m well aware that my opinion may not matter to most, but my message to Jeff Duncan is this: How dare you? Using the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina’s disastrous affect on the city of New Orleans as a platform to humiliate it’s residents is disgusting in every sense of the word. Criticizing them for their disgust with a man whose proven reckless and unfair handling of the very team that you credit as their savior of their city, shows just how flawed your logic is


There's a storm brewing in NOLA

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - ALCU Sues To Block Super Bowl ''clean Zone'' In N.O.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana is suing to block the city of New Orleans from maintaining a so-called "clean zone"" where the use of banners, signs and flags will be restricted during Super Bowl festivities. The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit Thursday on behalf of an activist and a street preacher who claim the city"s enforcement of a new ordinance and a code enforcement guide will trample on their free speech rights and limit their activities in the days leading up to the Feb. 3 game. The ACLU claims the city adopted the new policies at the behest of the NFL. SATCH NOTE: Scared much, Roger?

Bountygate: The NFL owes New Orleans an apology | Washington Times Communities
Not only did the Saints not pay players to injure players on other teams; their rate of causing injuries was the second lowest in the League.


Sean Payton back in charge

Saints put on notice by Payton with measured words upon return
It was clear the alpha dog in the Saints organization was sending a message to his coaches and players that a seven-win season was unacceptable.

Sean Payton was prepared for return to the spotlight |
New Orleans Saints coach was at ease in his first day back

MOBILE, Ala.: Saints' Payton talks 'closure' at Senior Bowl - Football Wires -
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton kept using the word "closure" during an extraordinary, 45-minute news conference Wednesday morning following the North team practice at the Senior Bowl.

Sean Payton returns to work at Senior Bowl | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
MOBILE, Ala. — A day after being reinstated from a season-long bounty suspension, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton strode confidently i…

Sean Payton Was Never Going To Leave The New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was never going to leave the team. Find out why he is a perfect fit for the Saints.

New Orleans Saints defensive struggles have been keeping Sean Payton up at night |

Payton didn't reveal any planned changes but made it clear that fixing defense is an urgent priority

Sean Payton: 'No interest' in talking to Gregg Williams

The reinstated New Orleans Saints coach also said there was 'no way' he was going to coach another team

Reinstated New Orleans coach Sean Payton seeking ‘closure’ to Bountygate Scandal -

MOBILE, Ala. — Wednesday was the first day of the rest of Sean Payton’s coaching career, and the Saints’ newly reinstated sideline boss was only looking ahead.Fresh from the early...

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton returns to work at Senior Bowl - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN

Sean Payton returned to work Wednesday following a nearly yearlong suspension for his role in the Saints bounty program. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton returns to work at Senior Bowl



Former NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones' libel lawsuit in jury's hands - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
The attorney for a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who had sex with her underage student is telling jurors they have an opportunity to send a message across the U.S. by finding that a gossip website defamed her in lewd online posts. Former NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones libel lawsuit in jurys hands

This Week in Saints History: January 23-29
2010—Saints defeated the Vikings in the Superdome, 31-28, in overtime to win the NFC Championship and advance to their first Super Bowl.

New Orleans? New York is already getting ready for the next Super Bowl, which will be in the Meadowlands - NY Daily News
The Big Apple will become the Big Pigskin this time next year, with 10 midtown blocks closed to traffic and dedicated to football fun and games ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII.

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - Feds Charge Former Saint Erxleben With Fraud
Federal authorities say former NFL kicker Russell Erxleben has been charged with running an illegal investment scheme that raised more than $2 million.

Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles to Sign Autographs at Super Bowl XLVII Media Day
Media Day Fueled by Gatorade will take place on Tuesday, January 29, 2013