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Saints to Interview Gregg Williams for Vacant Defensive Coordinator Position

Despite all that has been said and done over the last year, the Saints still seem to have respect for Gregg Williams.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

In an unlikely turn of events, it appears the Saints are interested in handing their new 3-4 defense over to the same man who rocked the franchise with scandal and allegations nearly a year ago.

Sources close to both parties have confirmed, Gregg Williams may return as defensive coordinator for the Saints in 2013 pending reinstatement from the NFL. It is still uncertain who reached out to who initially.

An anonymous source familiar with the Saints, who just recently fired Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator after just one season, have said the team feels the move to a 3-4 scheme is as big a change as the team can take right now.

"The organization feels they need a familiar face and voice to carry this defense to success under a brand new scheme."

A recent piece chronicling the former NFL coach after his indefinite suspension has surfaced. This piece from the Excelsior Springs Standard sheds some light on what Williams' plans may be going forward.

Williams grew tired of the courtroom battles and being away from the game he loved.

"I couldn't just sit around and watch wrasslin' and nature shows on TV anymore. I needed to be around football. I'm a football coach."

Williams had a revelation while attending his nephew's Pop Warner football game this past summer.

"The kids were using this 3-4 defense and then it just hit me, I thought if I use this 3-4 that gives me one more linebacker to blitz with!"

The smile on his face was undeniable. "These kids were using it all wrong though. That coach had to go. I gave him a remember me shot in the parking lot after the game and the next day I took over, for free of course. This is for the kids."

It took no time at all for the kids to grasp. By the first game under Williams they were routinely sending eight defenders at the opposing quarterback.

"It was easy," said safety Jimmy Harris. "Coach just told us not to think and to just run at the quarterback."

Williams said he truly enjoyed his experience teaching the kids and he found their motivation pretty easily.

"The kids loved the Power Point presentations I made. And they really appreciated the time and effort that went into them."

He laughed as he explained his key to success, "Motivating these kids cost me a fortune! They got candy if they made a kid cry, ice cream if they got one to wet himself, and McDonald's if a kid was carried off the field by his mommy."

His crowning moment as a leader of young men came when he lead his team to a county title.

"We kicked some butt that day. Let's just say that the opposing quarterback must've got a fortune from the tooth fairy that night!"

Unfortunately, Williams' team had their title forfeited due to excessive taunting and poor sportsmanship.

Williams seemed sincere in his final plea. "I'm ready to take this 3-4 scheme to the NFL. All I'm asking for is a chance."

Williams is on record saying he relishes the opportunity to feature Roman Harper as the centerpiece of his blitz-heavy 3-4 scheme. He intends to move Harper to free safety to fill the ball-hawking role the Saints most desperately need.

One major obstacle remains, however, and that's NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The Saints must await approval from the commissioner's office before moving forward with the potential hire, as Williams will need to have his indefinite suspension lifted.

Commissioner Goodell declined an interview for this piece but did say, between uncontrollable laughter, that he is quite eager to approve the Saints request.