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2013 Senior Bowl Primer and Open Thread

The 2013 Senior Bowl is being played today, so here's an open thread and Senior Bowl "primer" for any who are interested in scoping out the prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Eyes are on you today, linebacker Nico Johnson.
Eyes are on you today, linebacker Nico Johnson.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Today at 4:00 pm Eastern Time, the 2013 Senior Bowl kicks off on the NFL Network.

Just what is the Senior Bowl, you ask? In their own words...

The Senior Bowl is the nation's most unique football game and football's premier pre-draft event, annually featuring the country's best senior collegiate football stars and top NFL draft prospects on teams representing the North and South which are coached by the entire coaching staffs from two National Football League teams. Senior Bowl practices are also attended by over 800 general managers, head coaches, assistant coaches, scouts and other front office personnel from the 32 National Football League teams, making Mobile and the Senior Bowl the week-long host to a one-of-a-kind NFL Coaches Convention.

Seniors and top draft prospects, eh? Looks like they've broadened their definition of "senior" to allow for the NFL drafting of underclassmen...way to evolve, Senior Bowl.

Canal Street Chronicles has already touched on some 2013 prospects and Senior Bowl stuff, and in preparation for viewing this game, it may prove helpful to review some of these pieces:

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Senior Bowl Rosters

Based on the performance of the Saints defense in 2012, as well as the recent pink-slipping of DC Steve Spagnuolo and the impending 2013 defensive scheme change, all eyes should be focused on the defensive side of the ball, and particularly the front seven in today's game.

DL and LBs from THE NORTH:

99 Michael Buchanan, DL, 6'5" 240, Illinois
96 Margus Hunt, DL, 6'7" 280, SMU
57 Datone Jones, DL, 6'4" 275, UCLA
80 Alex Okafor, DL, 6'5" 265, Texas
97 Jordan Hill, DL, 6'1" 292, Penn State
93 Kawann Short, DL, 6'3" 315, Purdue
66 Brandon Williams, DL, 6'3" 325, Missouri Southern
92 Sylvester Williams, DL, 6'3" 320, North Carolina

43 Steve Beauharnais, LB, 6'2" 230, Rutgers
44 Arthur Brown, LB, 6'1" 228, Kansas State
20 Khaseem Greene, LB, 6'1" 230, Rutgers
48 Kevin Reddick, LB, 6'2" 240, North Carolina
54 John Simon, LB, 6'2" 263, Ohio State
46 Trevardo Williams, LB, 6'2" 233, Connecticut

...and from THE SOUTH:

47 Ezekial Ansah, DL, 6'5" 270, Brigham Young
93 Everett Dawkins, DL, 6'2" 304, Florida State
89 Lavar Edwards, DL, 6'5" 258, LSU
97 Malliciah Goodman, DL, 6'4" 270, Clemson
46 Corey Grissom, DL, 6'2" 316, South Florida
54 Montori Hughes, DL, 6'4" 327, Tennessee-Martin
6 John Jenkins, DL, 6'3" 358, Georgia
83 Cornelius Washington, DL, 6'4" 268, Georgia

8 Jamie Collins, LB, 6'1" 228, Southern Miss
25 Zaviar Gooden, LB, 6'2" 230, Missouri
35 Nico Johnson, LB, 6'2" 245, Alabama
10 Sean Porter, LB, 6'2" 230, Texas A&M
44 Chase Thomas, LB, 6'4" 248, Stanford
1 Vince Williams, LB, 6'1" 250, Florida State

* * *

So, if you're scouting the game, drop in and say hello, and let us know what you're seeing!!