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HansDat's 2nd Annual Pro Bowl Quiz Bowl Challenge-palooza

Last year's Saints Pro Bowl Trivia Quiz was so much fun, it's back for Round II in 2013.

Drew Brees just told Baylen that the Quiz Bowl Challenge-palooza is back.
Drew Brees just told Baylen that the Quiz Bowl Challenge-palooza is back.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With it being Pro Bowl Sunday and all, I am proud to bring to you the Second Annual Saints Pro Bowl Quiz Bowl Challenge-palooza.

Last year's fun was divided into two posts over two days...HERE IS THE FIRST ONE (with the questions and the rules) and HERE IS THE SECOND ONE (with the answers and the grades).

This year, due to the economy and my limited availability, it's going to be consolidated into one post, with the answers and grades coming via replies to the comments in this here post...

As with last year's quiz, I am asking that you follow HansDat's Honor System and not use the computer or any other electronic/print data resources to finish this quiz other than friends or family in the room with you, or those reachable by phone/text/email.

I also suggest that you jot down your answers to the questions on paper or in a word doc prior to going to the comment section to post them, that way you won't see anyone else's answers before posting your own.

Using the Saints Pro Bowl History document I created from my in-depth research via wikipedia,, and, as well as some helpful reader feedback, I have come up with a short stack of five questions at least somewhat related to this year's Saints Pro Bowl involvement for the Challenge-palooza.

1) Who was the first Saints punter to make the Pro Bowl? In what year?

2) How many Saints punters have made the Pro Bowl (including this year)? Who are they?

3) This Jahri Evans's fourth consecutive Pro Bowl. What six other Saints have made it to four straight Pro Bowls?

4) The Saints had only two players voted to the Pro Bowl this year, the lowest since which year? How many players made it that year?

5) Which position has seen the fewest Saints players in the Pro Bowl?

So, if you wish to play, post your best guess answers to them in a comment below (following the guidelines given just a couple of paragraphs above) before the game starts tonight at 7:00 pm Eastern time.

I'll be back after the Pro Bowl kicks off to grade everyone's entries (one point will be awarded for each correct answer) and then announce the winner in the Pro Bowl Open Thread!

I hope you relish and enjoy this year's challenge as much as I do!!

And in case you're interested, this is the official Pro Bowl site.

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