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The Goodell Photobomb Project

We want fans to photobomb the hell outta Goodell. Follow @GoodellTracker on Twitter for real time updates of Goodell's NOLA whereabouts during Super Bowl week.

Okay Saints fans, I know you are supposed to be treating old Roger S. Goodell with kindness during his stay in New Orleans but why don't you have a little fun with it! What does the "S." stand for anyway? Never mind, don't answer that.

Anyway, I've come up with a challenge for everyone in New Orleans this week. This is what I want you to do: photobomb the "S" out of Goodell while he is in the beloved Crescent City!

Here's how it's going to work: if you find yourself in the company of Roger during Super Bowl week, snap a picture of him with you in the frame doing something funny, stupid, or just plain crazy. Maybe holding a sign displaying what the "S" stands for? Or putting bunny ears behind his head? Or perhaps you're dressed up like Gregg Williams? Anything goes! Do what your Saintsational heart desires!

Even if you aren't in New Orleans for the Superbowl, or not even a Saints fan, embrace your Photoshop skills and make something up. Then send it to us!

When you've got your photo, e-mail it to As pictures start to roll in, we'll post them all right here on the front page of Canal Street Chronicles. It's gonna be epic!

So don't let this message go unheard. Tell your friends! Share this story by emailing it, tweeting it, sharing it on Facebook, or whatever, and let it travel to all ends of the earth. The more people and participation, the better this gets.

And we're going to help maximize your chances of finding Goodell around town by tracking him! Follow @GoodellTracker for real time updates on Goodell's location around the city. And if you know where Roger is during Super Bowl week, or is going to be, tweet us the location so we can share it with our followers for maximum bombing. Use hashtag #RGandME for all Goodell Photobomb Project-related tweets.

One final note: this is all in good fun. We do not condone or endorse violence of any kind whatsoever. That kind of stuff does not impress us nor will it be featured in any way. Remember that you all represent our wondeful city. Stay classy, New Orleans.

Have fun!