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The Goodell Photobomb Project: And Now...We Wait

Email your photos to Follow @GoodellTracker on twitter.

Since I'm pretty sure Goodell hasn't arrived in New Orleans yet, or at least hasn't made any public appearances, fans haven't had a chance to score any epic photobombs.

In the meantime, however, we've received quite a few anti-Goodell pictures, both real and fake, from fans who share our dislike for The Commish.

So while we wait for Goodell to show his face in New Orleans and for real life photobombs to start rolling into our inbox (hopefully), here are a few pictures we've already gotten that made us smile.

Remember, you can email us your anti-Goodell photos - real or fake - to Or you can send us other photos and we'll photoshop them for you!

And be sure to follow @GoodellTracker on twitter so that when Rog does get to New Orleans, you can get the latest updates on his whereabouts and photobomb the hell out of him.