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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, January 6th

Your daily collection of Saints and NFL-related news, analysis, commentary, opinion, and whatnot. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Former Saints coach Doug Marrone reportedly hired to lead Buffalo Bills.

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Reports have Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone going to Buffalo.
Reports have Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone going to Buffalo.
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Today's Wild Card coverage starts now with FDL section "The Playoffs", and continues with open threads for each game this afternoon. STAY TUNED to CSC!!!


seattle is hot right now but no home game in playoff. Will have to travel to wash,atl, and gb/sf. Traveling takes a toll esp. late in season

Joe Webb is 4th QB in Super Bowl era w/ 180+ pass yards & 68+ rush yards in playoff game (Donovan McNabb, Steve Young, Randall Cunningham).

RT : 49ers over broncos. Next year, saints over whoever....I agree!!

I wonder if the Jackson Square artists are going to get "clean zoned."

My daughter tells me that Angelina Jolie is the highest paid actress, Sooo, in an effort to teach her the value of service

I ask her "what celebrity best exemplifies community service?" she looks at me excited and says, "Lindsay Lohan!" HAH! We need to talk.

Maybe Browns still get Kelly, but I wouldn't doubt Jeffrey Lurie's ability to recruit. Oh, and these are recruiting visits, not interviews.

meeting with Chip Kelly has ended, source confirmed.

So I'm told Eagles still plan to do all the stuff they were supposed to do, which to me would indicate they aren't on verge of deal w/Kelly

As I've been saying the longer this goes on the more you have to wonder if Chip Kelly ends up staying in school ...

The best name in college football is going pro

Road trip currently

A lot on my mind. I really should be sleeping

If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?

500 more miles to go

Filed to ESPN: Doug Marrone has agreed to leave Syracuse and become the next head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Before Buffalo and Doug Marrone agreed to a deal early this morning, the Bills interviewed former Bears HC Lovie Smith on Saturday.

Awesome RT : Found a car repping the saints down in Australia!

I don't care what kinda college coaching pedigree a man has, paying him $13 million a year for 5 years is just asinine.

Woke up to a text on the Doug Marrone news. Good hire for the Bills. Innovative offensive mind, built program, won at a tough place to do so

Two things I'm wondering on for Buffalo ... Do they try and poach Carmichael as OC? And do they draft Nassib, whose stock is rising?

On ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown from 10-1, make sure to watch off-the-charts O.J. Brigance feature and Frank Caliendo's Rex Ryan imitation.

I sure hope Doug Marrone's first game against Sean Payton doesn't go anything like Sean Payton's first game against Bill Parcells.

Good morning world and all who inhabit it


From the Saints Sideline

Such a long long long long time before the dawn | moosedenied
GMW puts some whole new spins on this offseason's events. BIG FUN.

Five things the Saints must improve on | The Advocate
Here are five things the Saints must do a better job of next season if they expect to be among the conference’s elite teams in the postseason next January.

This Date in Saints History: January 5th |
William Taylor - The series continues...

Saints Sign Camp Bodies for 2013 |
Andrew Juge - I'm a little late to the party on this but I wanted to at least acknowledge the recent roster activity.


The Playoffs

Falcons wait for opponent - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - But I’d take a team led by Matt Ryan over a team led by a rookie in a playoff game. Especially a playoff game that will be played in the Georgia Dome. (HansDat note: HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Houston Texans advance to second round with impressive win over Cincinnati Bengals |
Terrance Harris - Texans will travel to New England to play Patriots.

ReFo: Bengals @ Texans, AFC Wild Card |
As Khaled Elsayed writes, the Texans got back to what they do best - running the football and chasing down quarterbacks - and it was enough to end the Bengals' season.

Texans Fan Has Conflicting Message | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - Image that is not a GIF.

Thanks For Nothing, Bengals | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - Representational GIF.

Green Bay Packers show off depth in 24-10 victory over Minnesota Vikings |
Associated Press

ReFo: Vikings @ Packers, NFC Wild Card |
Sam Monson highlights the highs and lows of the Packers' comfortable win over the Vikings, including the impact of Christian Ponder's absence.

Bless You, Bitter Vikings Fan | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - Funny GIF

NFL Wild Card Sunday: What to watch |
Here are six things to watch -- three for each of Sunday's wild card games -- as four more teams battle to get one step closer to the Super Bowl.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens - Preview |
Chuck Pagano and Ray Lewis spent the previous four seasons as part of a Baltimore Ravens defense known for making life tough for the opposition.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins - Preview |
One year ago, the first NFL playoff game with rookie quarterbacks starting for both teams was staged.


Head Coaching Carousel

League says timetable for suspended New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton to return to team is undetermined |
Larry Holder - League spokesman says report about Sean Payton not being allowed to return until Feb. 4 is inaccurate.

Sean Payton can't apply for reinstatement until after Super Bowl, according to ESPN report |
Doug Tatum - There had been some speculation that Payton could be reinstated earlier.

Report: No early return for Payton - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - All those New Orleans fans hoping suspended coach Sean Payton will be reinstated soon might as well forget about that possibility.

Sean Payton of New Orleans Saints, commissioner Roger Goodell have no timetable for reinstatement meeting |
Adam Schefter - NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Saturday that no timetable has been set for a meeting between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton regarding Payton's reinstatement.

Doug Marrone new Buffalo Bills coach, sources say |
Adam Schefter - Doug Marrone has agreed to leave Syracuse and become the coach of the Buffalo Bills, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Sunday morning.

Sources -- Chip Kelly of Oregon Ducks meets Cleveland Browns, will talk with Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles |
Chris Mortensen - Oregon coach Chip Kelly and the Cleveland Browns wrapped up seven hours of meetings Friday.

Chicago Bears to interview Montreal Alouettes' Marc Trestman, sources say | ESPNChicago
Michael C. Wright - The Chicago Bears aren't limiting their coaching search to the American game.

Ron Rivera enters 2013 on hot seat - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Ron Rivera is staying as the coach of the Carolina Panthers, but that doesn’t mean he’s off the hot seat.

Around the NFL: Where do the great coaches come from? |
Steve Doerschuk - A series of failed head coaches and their sea of defeats has left Browns fans green-face sick. (Sean Payton comes in @ #7 on best coaches list).



A son of a New Orleans Saint makes his mark |
Jeff Duncan's Weekly Reader - Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins is the son of former Saints safety Gene Atkins.

Panthers' GM search might cross border - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y - The Carolina Panthers's search for a general manager won't be limited to the borders of the United States.

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