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Canal Street Chronicles T-Shirt Design Contest

Help us decide which t-shirt designs should be included in our official Canal Street Chronicles web store and made available for purchase by Saints fans.

Two months ago I asked all of you guys to submit t-shirt designs to help populate our very own Canal Street Chronicles online shop at Game Day Depot and be made available for sale by readers.

Apparently, most of you thought I was joking, because I only received designs from two members since then. For shame! But the show must go on so we're moving forward anyway.

Below are the four designs we've got so far and a poll asking all of you to choose your favorite. The design with the most votes in that poll will definitely be included in our store. But that doesn't mean it has to be the only shirt to get included. That all depends on what you guys have to say. I want to hear your feedback for each design in the comment section below. I may include all of them, or I may include just some. It all just depends.

And it's not too late to submit a new design. We're always willing to add new shirts to our store. We're looking for designs that you think other Saints fans and Canal Street Chronicles members will want to purchase and wear. Designs can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, within reason. They can be serious or funny. They can be about the team, the players, the blog or whatever but they can't incorporate any of the official Saints logos or player images.

You can either create your designs on your own using whatever graphics program you feel comfortable with and email them to me at Or you can use the nifty Game Day Depot Design Studio found on their website and email it to me when it's complete.

So help us decide which of the shirts below we should start selling in our store and keep submitting more designs to help us grow our store and offer a wider variety.


#1 - Over the Moon


#2 - Backbone


#3 - Hoist the Colors


#4 - Domeass