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Saints vs. Patriots 2013: Ode to New England ("Brady Bunch" Parody)

In the spirit of friendly competitive fandom... the songwriter strikes again! This time, including a tip of the hat to New England's Week 5 opponent.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, idle amusement overrules concerns of hubris among the CSC fanbase. After the results of last week's poll, I have decided to share another one of these before this week's game, instead of afterwards.

Despite requests that I actually sing the songs myself, I don't think I will subject anyone to that. I'm at least not going to do it while I'm on a two-week vacation (including a week in my hometown of NOLA) and working off of my laptop. If you catch me between the hours of 10pm and 3am over the next week, you may be able to coax a beverage-enhanced personal rendition. Otherwise, if anyone wants to volunteer to sing these for everyone, by all means let me know.

But for now, I've embedded a video with the original song... in case you need to get the tune in your head.


The Brady Bunch (Parody)

Here's the story of a team from Boston
Who was trying to recover from a loss.
Unlike them, the Saints are still... undefeated,
With Payton back as boss.

Here's the story, of a man named Brady,
Who thought breaking Drew's record would be fun.
But thanks to the... Cincinnati Bengals,
He can restart at one.

Now on Sunday when New Orleans met with Boston
Jimmy Graham and Sprolesy gave us... all a show,
The defense were living in the backfield,
That's the way New Orleans went to Six and Oh!
To Six and oh! Yes six and oh!
That's the way New Orleans hit Six and Oh!

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