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Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman Calls Sean Payton Arrogant, Dumb

The Bleacher Report writer has some choice words for head coach Sean Payton following the Saints 30-27 loss to the Patriots this Sunday.

Rob Carr

Earlier today Mike Freeman from Bleacher Report wrote an article explaining why Sean Payton's playcalling late in the 4th quarter of the Saints' 30-27 loss to the Patriots Sunday was too conservative.

But the way in which he went about doing it was just classless, calling head coach Sean Payton dumb and arrogant.

Here's the money shot from his article:

The Saints didn't take their first loss, 30-27 on a last-minute Brady miracle drive, just because Payton choked the game away. That would be too simple. He did something far worse. He did something that is actionable, arrogant and just flat-out dumb.

He underestimated Brady.

The truth is, I don't disagree with the overall sentiment of his article. The playcalling and offensive output late in the 4th quarter was definitely conservative and questionable. We've already seen Ralph Malbrough point out that very same concept in his own article for WWL-TV. The difference is that Malbrough chose the high road while still remaining critical and getting his point across.

But the way Freeman goes about it and the words he poorly chooses leave much to be desired. This is exactly why so many fans have little to no respect for Bleacher Report. How can you blame us? It's as if Freeman is trying to be intentionally provocative and controversial just for the page views.

None of us are happy with yesterday's outcome, that's true, but most of us don't stoop to such low levels simply for our own advancement.

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