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Patriots Lose to Jets by Final Score of 30-27 After Overtime Penalty on Nick Folk Field Goal

Last week the New England Patriots were the beneficiary of poor officiating in their win against the Saints. This week, karma bites back as the Patriots lose 30-27 in overtime to the Jets after a new NFL rule is enforced late in the game.

The NY Jets were able to outlast the New England Patriots by a score of 30-27 in overtime Sunday, thanks to a game-winning Nick Folk field goal.

Exactly a week ago, following the Saints' dramatic last-second loss to the Patriots, I was writing a post about a holding penalty not being called on the final play of the game, Tom Brady's touchdown pass. This week, it was the Patriots who fell victim to the referees late in the game as Nick Folk attempted a game-winning field goal.

Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones pushed his own man through the pile. It looked like a bad call, but it was actually the result of a new rule in the NFL this year. Teams are no longer allowed to push players when they're stacked up on field goal and punt formations.

Folk wound up missing that field goal, which would have given the Patriots the ball back. But thanks to the 15-yard penalty, the Jets were given a fresh set of downs and went on to win.

Here's the play:


So you can't say the Patriots always get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to NFL officiating. But you might say the Pats got what was coming to them... just a week late.

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