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Will the Saints Trade Mark Ingram?: Saints Mailbag Answers

Below are my answers to reader questions about the Saints submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Does Ingram get traded during the bye week? And what value would he have for trade? - Breesus Christ

No. Ingram isn't going anywhere. I would assume the Saints will keep him around in case injuries to other running backs on the team become a problem, which is all but inevitable at some point in a long season. If he were to be traded, I wouldn't expect anything more than, like, a 6th round draft pick.


If and when Vilma gets healthy, Do you see him having a place on defense this year? Lofton and Hawthorne are doing well in those spots, and as much as I love Vilma, I'd rather have Hawthorne in than him. So my question is, what do we do with Vilma? - k. boy

I'm having a hard time living in a fantasy future where Vilma is completely healthy. There are a lot of question marks for me regarding his health. But if that ever really were the case, I think there's plenty of room for Vilma in the rotation. He did well in Gregg Williams system, which is similar to the one Rob Ryan is currently running. And his veteran leadership is always a plus.


Offense seem kinda sluggish. do you think other teams are just catching onto the saints schemes? - c. annistra

Kinda sluggish? They have the 6th best offense in the NFL, the 4th best passing attack and their first overall in time of possession. Are they as good as certain recent years past? No, definitely not. But they're not doing too terribly. I think most of their troubles stem from poor offensive line play. I think the offensive line certainly hasn't done the running game any favors and their pass protection is okay. Just okay.


Do you see any chance of Armstead playing at LT? - BlackandGold4ever

Absolutely! If Charles Brown gets injured.


This is a poll on and I was wondering what you think of the results: Who's the best challenger to the Seahawks in the NFC? - No. 1. Saints Fan

23% 49ers
14% Packers
49% Saints
5% Bears
9% Cowboys

The results are fine. I'm glad to see the Saints get some respect from the other fans.


Maybe I missed it but when did you get this new and improved graphic above? And who gets the hat tip for providing it? - BRSaintsFan

Our sweet new graphic started getting used only a few times this summer just before we took a long hiatus from this mailbag, which is probably why you don't remember seeing it. It is the fine work of our very own Jon Oliver. Thanks, Jon.

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