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NFL Picks Week 8: On With The Show

NFL Week 7 saw many unpredictable and exciting games, none of which featured the Saints. That all changes this week, as intermission comes to an end for Who Dat Nation in Week 8.

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The long and agonizing bye week is finally coming to an end. The New Orleans Saints return to action in the friendly confines of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as they host the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have been serviceable this season, but if the Saints are unable to secure a convincing victory at home, after a bye, against this team, we may have something serious to gripe about. Week 8 starts off with interest for Who Dat Nation, as the annoyingly competent Panthers face the Bucs, who have graduated from a dumpster fire to a full-scale landfill inferno. Let's take a look at all of the matchups in Week 8.

Last week I went 8-7 (oh, boy), Season record 66-41

I told you so: Steelers over Ravens! (I even got the last second field goal prediction right!)

What do I know: Titans over 49ers?


Thursday, October 24th

Panthers(3-3) at Buccaneers(0-6)

The raging landfill inferno continues to gloriously blaze. Panthers win, ugh.

Pick: Panthers


Sunday, October 27th - Early Games

49ers(5-2) at Jaguars(0-7) in London

Dumpster fire doesn't even apply to the Jags, they're more like ash and desperation at this point. Niners win, ugh again.

Pick: 49ers


Browns (3-4) at Chiefs(7-0)

Kansas City remains undefeated for another week.

Pick: Chiefs


Dolphins (3-3) at Patriots(5-2)

New England is pretty good at home following a loss.

Pick: Patriots


Cowboys(4-3) at Lions(4-3)

Expect tons of passing yards in this one.

Pick: Cowboys


Giants(1-6) at Eagles(3-4)

Michael Vick will lead Philly to victory, further muddling their quarterback situation.

Pick: Eagles


Bills(3-4) at Saints(5-1)

The Saints coming off... (beep, beep, beep) will be looking to... (beep, beep, beep) following the bye... (beep, beep, beep) Okay, what the hell is that sound?!!! Oh, it's the Saints' dump truck backing up to the Superdome for this game. Let's be honest here, the Saints will not face an easier non-division opponent at home (where they excel) for the rest of the year. The Saints have to dumptruck Buffalo in this spot since it's not going to get any easier from here. It's time to exert some dominance, 45-6 style (well, we can hope, right?) Saints should win this one going away.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, October 27th - Late Games

Steelers(2-4) at Raiders(2-4)

Pittsburgh makes it three in a row this week in Oakland.

Pick: Steelers


Jets(4-3) at Bengals(5-2) - Game of the Week

Cincy's ability to limit Geno Smith will be the difference in this game. The Jets also haven't won two in a row this season.

Pick: Bengals


Falcons(2-4) at Cardinals(3-4)

Arizona's pass defense against Matt Ryan will be the difference in this game.

Pick: Cardinals


Redskins(2-4) at Broncos(6-1)

Defenses need not apply in this game, which will be closer than you might expect.

Pick: Broncos


Sunday Night Football

Packers(4-2) at Vikings(1-5)

Another Vikings primetime game (oh joy). Pack win in Minnesota.

Pick: Packers


Monday, October 28th - Monday Night Football

Seahawks(6-1) at Rams(3-4)

Seattle rolls St. Louis in another Monday Night laugher.

Pick: Seahawks


That's how I see Week 8 shaping up. It'll be good to see the Saints back in action again this week. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!

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