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Talking Saints Football with Jason Strudwick

For the second time, I have had the pleasure to be on with Jason Strudwick, Sports Radio in Edmonton Ontario, Canada to talk the New Orleans Saints. The program will air tonight, Tuesday night between 9 p.m. - 12 p.m. EST.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Strudwick is not a football player. He is a former professional hockey player. He knows the sport very well, however. Well enough to have Jimmy Graham on his fantasy teams. He had some great questions for me in our discussion and he was great to chat with.

This will be the second time I have chatted with Jason on Edmonton Sports Radio, TSN 1260. The program will air tonight, Tuesday night between 9 p.m. - 12 p.m. EST. It has been a pleasure!

You can listen online at:

We discussed the game against the Bills and what the overall impression was as to the performance of the Saints. I mentioned that there appeared to be mistakes made by the Saints that needed to be cleaned up. many of those mistakes were ones that carried over from game to game. The Saints need to stop making the same mistakes. Penalties, drops, and questionable calls by the coaching staff are just a few.

One of the biggest things we discussed was the offensive line and what impact that will have on the Saints this season. I am highly critical of this aspect of our team. Say what you will, but I will say this and did to Jason Strudwick: The offensive line we have currently will not lead us to a Super Bowl. Period. We have a real problem here and it must be addressed.

You can tune in tonight to hear how the discussion went. I am sure you will agree, disagree, and find it a great listen. Feel free to provide your comments as well.