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NFL Picks Week 5: First Place Meets Second City

We've reached the quarter mark in the 2013 NFL season and teams are starting to separate from the pack. Let's see what NFL Week 5 has in store.

Chris Graythen

What a difference a season makes. A quarter of the way into the 2012 season, the New Orleans Saints were 0-4 and adrift in the NFC South. One season later, the Saints are 4-0 and clearly separating themselves from the competition in the division. Well, at least Tampa is still a dumpster fire, so some things remain the same. Speaking of dumpster fires, the well-cared-for turf at Soldier Field awaits the Saints in Chi-Town. Let's take a look at that marquee matchup and the rest of the Week 5 schedule.

Last week I went 10-5, Season record 41-22

I told you so: Lions over Bears

What do I know: Rams over 49ers?


Thursday, October 3rd

Bills(2-2) at Browns(2-2)

Addition by subtraction method continues to work for Cleveland

Pick: Browns


Sunday, October 6th - Early Games

Patriots(4-0) at Bengals(2-2)

Tom Brady outduels Andy Dalton, surprise! Pats win again.

Pick: Patriots


Lions(3-1) at Packers(1-2)

Matthew Stafford will have a monster game, but Aaron Rodgers will make that one extra play to pick up the victory.

Pick: Packers


Seahawks(4-0) at Colts(3-1) - Game of the Week

In what should be a fantastic matchup, homefield makes the difference for Indy.

Pick: Colts


Ravens(2-2) at Dolphins(3-1)

After getting dumptrucked in the Superdome, Miami rebounds with a home win against the 2012 champs.

Pick: Dolphins


Eagles(1-3) at Giants(0-4)

The all-offense, no-defense Eagles face the no-rushing Giants, but even the Giants should be able to run enough on Philly to pick up their first win of the season.

Pick: Giants


Chiefs(4-0) at Titans(3-1)

The Titans may struggle to put up points against KC in this one.

Pick: Chiefs


Jaguars(0-4) at Rams(1-3)

The Week 5 edition of the "Johnny Footbowl". The Rams win this dreadful matchup.

Pick: Rams


Saints(4-0) at Bears (3-1)

Chicago's awful field conditions will slow the Saints but not stop them. Rob Ryan's defense continues to make the Saints dangerous and explosive on both sides of the ball. This game will be closer than any of us would prefer, but the Saints will emerge victorious.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, October 6th - Late Games

Panthers(1-2) at Cardinals (2-2)

Cam Newton returns to the site of his totally legitimate National Championship victory*. He leaves Arizona with a win again here.

Pick: Panthers


Broncos(4-0) at Cowboys(2-2)

Tony Romo thinks Eli is tough, wait until he sees his brother.

Pick: Broncos


Sunday Night Football

Texans(2-2) at 49ers(2-2)

The defenses will impress but the Niners may force Matt Schaub into a fatal mistake.

Pick: 49ers


Ridiculously Late Football

Chargers(2-2) at Raiders(1-3)

The A's have forced the Raiders out of the dump of a home they both share until the late hours of the night. I trust Philip Rivers to pick up the win for the Chargers. I never thought I'd say that.

Pick: Chargers


Monday, October 7th - Monday Night Football

Jets(2-2) at Falcons(1-3)

Rex Ryan has his defense back on track but the desperate Falcons pick up the win in the Silentdome.

Pick: Falcons


That's how I see Week 5 playing out. Leave us your picks, comments and insight below. Who Dat!

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