Ask A Jets Fan

Hey Fellas, this week our teams meet up at MetLife Stadium, I figured since I have not seen a post about what the fans think are the matchups that most concern them, I would post one...

I have a few questions that I would like to see the Saints fans perspective on and feel free to ask any questions that may concern you about the Jets, so without further ado, here it goes..

1. Besides Jimmy Graham, who should the Jets be most concerned about as a Bree's favorite target?

2. Do you think the Saints will try and Run the ball more considering that Rex Ryan has emphasized in practice this week that the Jets will be concentrating heavily on the Pass ?

3. Looking back on the Saints schedule this season, the Saints show they are a high octane Offense but have shown they seem vulnerable against "lesser" teams such as the Bucs and Falcons, do you think it is because they may have overlooked those opponents and do you think they may be "overlooking" the Jets who just got splattered by the Bengals 49-6 ?

Looking forward to seeing your responses and answering as many questions as I always, lets hope for a fun,hard fought game with no injuries.

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