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Saints vs. Bears: Ode to Chicago ("Chicago" Parody)

In the spirit of friendly competitive fandom... the songwriter strikes again! This time, it's written to a tune Bears (and Sinatra) fans might be able to appreciate.

Jonathan Daniel

Perhaps it's a bit of hubris to put this one out before the game is even played. But after writing it, I thought I would go ahead and share it. Realizing that the Saints may not win every game, the question is... if I come up with a song beforehand, do I share it? Or do I wait and only post it when we win, and stick it in the round file if we lose? Vote below.

After writing the parody based off of Jimmy Buffett's "Fins," coming up with the backdrop to this week's song was much easier than filling in the lyrics. I figured two minutes of Ol' Blue Eyes would go over better than four minutes or more of Peter Cetera.

Chicago, Chicago -- that fumblin' town.
Chicago, Chicago -- was bumblin' around. We loved it.
No more Soldier Field curse, the Saints just won in Chicago.
Five-and-O... Marques, the Kenny's, Sproles and Jimmy's in town!

With tight ends, running backs, or wide receivers
Brees does things Bears can't do with... Cutler.
Saints fans again, gave thanks to Rob Ryan
Cutler threw fits, and started a cryin' in Chicago.
Chicago... one more down.

Chicago, Chicago -- that field was a mess.
But the Saints... just showed up, and gave ‘em our best. And won it.
Jordan, ‘Tez and Junior owned the backfield in Chicago.
Chicago... the town our Black and Gold boys finally shut down.

When Morstead... was needed, he pounded ‘em deep.
And Hartley... helped put the game out of reach.
By the halftime, the game seemed secure;
But Brees kept a throwin'... he had to make sure that Chicago.
The Bears from... Chicago would be shut down.

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