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Undefeated Saints Beat Bears, Prepare for Patriots: Podcast

The guys recap the Saints Week 5 win over the Bears and the their 5-0 start, then preview the week ahead vs. the Patriots. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

Ralph, Kevin, Andrew, and Dave break down the Saints 5-0 start.

Ralph wants to know why 83% completions doesn't get Drew Brees an A+ from Andrew Juge. Why is Chicago allowed to have a cow pasture as a field? Dave wonders if more Pierre Thomas carries will be a regular thing from now on.

Kevin debates whether Pierre Thomas is a Saints Hall of Famer. Is Jimmy Graham the best non-quarterback offensive player in the NFL? Ralph wonders if the fact the Super Bowl might be played in a blizzard makes correcting the running game more important?

The boys then answer your Twitter questions!

Does the media get it wrong about Rob Ryan being some sort of crazy, blitz-happy coordinator? Ralph wonders if they need to make adjustments to the Rob Ryan Big Fat Chart of Fun.

Dave has great fun reading The Falcoholic MNF open game thread and the boys lose their @#%^ as the Jets take the lead.

Kevin and Ralph bath in the warm hatred they both have for the Patriots. Andrew explains why going to New England might be the biggest test for the offensive line so far.

Dave wonders if Mark Ingram will ever carry the ball again as a Saint?

Will Ron Rivera and Greg Schiano be employed on Christmas?

Plus, the worst Tweet of the Week.

Oh, and Saints vs. Patriot game picks.

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