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Saints Burn Cowboys to the Ground, Mark Ingram Reborn, and 49ers Preview: Podcast

The boys discuss the Saints' complete 49-17 destruction of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

The boys discuss the Saints' complete destruction of the Dallas Cowboys. Ralph thinks it's the best 60 minutes of offense in the Drew Brees era.

Dave rekindles his romance with his BFF Mark Ingram.

Andrew was blown away by the 40 first downs and marvels its awesomeness.

Kevin revels in Rob Ryan's defense holding the Cowboys to ZERO third down conversions and his romance continues with Kenny Stills.

Ralph explains why the San Francisco 49ers are the worst team to play the week before a Thursday night game.

Andrew analyzes how the Saints can survive on defense the next few weeks if they are without both Malcolm Jenkins and Kenny Vaccaro. Corey White will be prominently involved and it won't be a crisis.

Plus your Twitter questions and Worst Tweet of the Week award.

The boys wrap up previewing the 49ers game, coaches they hate (Jim Harbaugh), using words Ralph doesn't understand and talking about Richie Incognito.

Kevin mutes himself multiple times while talking.

Ralph asks if Jonathan Martin is going to be interviewed by Oprah.

Hardcore Football.

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