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Saints vs. Niners 2013: Ode to the Niners

In the spirit of friendly competitive fandom... the songwriter strikes again! This time, a song marking San Francisco's return to the Superdome, with a new look at a classic by Judy Garland.

Ronald Martinez

As the New Orleans Saints look to continue strong into the second half of their season, we give you this week's song. As can be expected, it was inspired by this Sunday afternoon's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Continuing CSC's time traveling theme this week, let's reach back a bit for a song some of our more seasoned fans may appreciate. And for our visiting Niners fans: this is all in good fun. Here's looking forward to a good game day!

As usual, I've embedded a video with the original song below... in case you can't get the tune in your head.


San Francisco
(Parody of Judy Garland's "San Francisco")

I never will forget, Mmmm... Twenty eleven.
How we did come back, and then they did the same.
I never will forget, how that defense let
Those Niners pull a comeback that game...
tha-aa-aa-at game...

San Francisco, now it's time for payback
Gone's that Gregg Williams hack; Rob Ryan's here.
San Francisco, we're in the Superdome
Giving you something to fear

People once thought that you could have been the best;
Now you can't even win the NFC West.
San Francisco, suffer the din again
Saints gonna win again...
Saints gonna win again...

San Francisco, right when you arrive
We'll get a touchdown drive...
A Drew Brees pass to Jimmy,
And then there's PT, scorin' another TD.

San Francisco'll, feel like you've been beat
Up and down Bourbon Street
's gonna get tore up: after five or six sacks
He'll be flat on his back

You'll see the skills, of Kenny Stills,
As Brees kills... your desire to play;
And then our Lance Moore, will add even more
To the score, and win the day!

San Francisco, up in our home again;
Sean Payton's back again, by gum!
San Francisco, this ain't your disco
San Francisco, here we come!

(PS. Yes, we know it's not literally an Ode to the Niners. The irony is part of the gag.)

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