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Tasty Tears of Jim Harbaugh, Saints vs. Falcons Preview: Podcast

Ralph, Kevin, Andrew and Dave break down the Saints' 23-20 win over the 49ers, including the questionable penalty called on the Ahmad Brooks hit, then discuss the team's next matchup against the Falcons. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

After Kevin Held gloats about nailing his Garrett Hartley prediction, enjoys the sweet tears of Jim Harbaugh, and tells Ray Lewis to have sex with himself, the boys break down the Saints win against the 49ers.

Dave thought the penalty called on the Drew Brees hit gets called 10 out of 10 times in 2013 but didn't think it was a clothesline.

Andrew thinks the Saints will be able to overcome the Jabari Greer injury and thinks the offensive line has turned a corner in 2013.

Ralph is in awe of Sean Payton giving a master course on clock management.

Andrew breaks down why the Saints defensive line is suddenly elite and reminds everyone to enjoy the hell out of how wel the Saints are playing.

The boys answer your Twitter questions, for example: if Harbaugh, Kaepernick and Brooks were drowning and you could only save one - what kind of sandwich would you make?

The boys preview the Falcons game and is Ralph better at picking games than a toddler?

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