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Saints vs. Falcons: Akiem Hicks' Hit on Matt Ryan Should Have Been Penalty

On Thursday Night Football Akiem Hicks makes a similar tackle to the one Ahmad Brooks made on Drew Brees Sunday. Yet Hicks was never called for a penalty. Oh, the irony!

Just as the uproar from Ahmad Brooks' controversial hit on Drew Brees and subsequent fine had finally settled, Akiem Hicks just made a similar tackle on Matt Ryan in tonight's Saints-Falcons Thursday Night Football game... but was not penalized.

If you're looking for the definition of irony, this is most certainly it.

Here's a look at the hit that didn't get called. This definitely wasn't as forceful or as violent as Brooks' sack, but Hicks definitely gets a handful of facemask.


In case you forgot over the past 4 days, here's a look at the hit on Drew Brees by Brooks.


Brooks was fined $15,750 for the hit. Even though Hicks wasn't called for a penalty, he may still get a phone call and a fine from Goodell later in the week. I would expect Ray Lewis to be paying that fine, just as he paid for Brooks'.

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