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Cam Jordan Should be in Defensive Player of the Year Discussion

Cam Jordan is your protypical Alpha Male in the football world. Coming into his own this year, Jordan is making a statement in this revamped defense.

Kevin C. Cox

You can't argue with how New Orleans Saints DE Cam Jordan is having fun this year. It shows in his play week after week. With key injuries at this position, someone had to step up and take the anchor. Jordan has done very well and become one of the biggest keys on this revamped, hostile defense. He very well could be the top Alpha Male on this defensive unit this season.

His stats thus far in the season: 32 tackles, 20 solo, 9.5 sacks which is by far the most on the team, and 2 forced fumbles and fumble recoveries. It is the second season he has led the team in sacks and was one of the few bright spots on the most atrocious defense in 2011. What the stat lines don't show is his ability to rush and hurry the quarterback on nearly every snap. Weak O lines are required to account for his activity off the end nearly every time the ball is snapped. He is relentless, aggressive, and plays almost 'angry.'

He excels in a 3-4 or a 4-3 and has the speed and power to overcome most of the offensive lines he plays against. His versatility is incredible. There is no doubt the defense is made better because of him and would be less effective without him. Cam Jordan has to be in the discussion for Defensive Player of the Year when the season ends. If this Saints defense continues to roll, it will be in many parts due to this beast and his leadership.