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Saints vs. Jets 2013: Teammates of the Week

It's a tough task to try and determine which unit sucked the least for the Saints in their 26-20 loss to the Jets on Sunday but somebody deserves some credit, I guess.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It took a total team meltdown for the Saints to lose to the Jets Sunday, but which unit sucked the least in New York against the Jets?

Once again, we've been tasked with choosing which Saints players are most deserving of being called Teammates of the Week. It will be up to you guys each week to vote for those you think played best, even if the team didn't get the win.

For the second week in a row I think it's fair to say it wasn't special teams, thanks to another missed field goal by Garrett Hartley.

Meanwhile, the defense turned in their worst performance of the 2013 season, giving up nearly 200 rushing yards and allowing 20+ points for the second time.

The offense was nothing to write home about either, turning the ball over twice, dropping important passes, and having zero running game. But it might have actually been the lesser of three evils for our purposes here. Tough call, I know.

So which unit gave the better effort for the Saints in their loss to the Jets?

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