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NFL Picks Week 10: There's No Place Like Dome

The Saints look to rebound from an uninspiring performance in Week 9 and a return to the Superdome in primetime is just what they need. Bring on the Cowboys.

Tom Pennington

The New Orleans Saints return to the friendly confines of the Superdome for a showdown against the hated Dallas Cowboys. To make things even better, the game will be on NBC's Sunday Night Football where the Saints have been absolutely lethal at home. This game may be just what Who Dat Nation needs after last week's forgettable performance in Jersey. Let's get our Week 10 preview underway.

Last week I went 9-4, Season record 86-48

I told you so: Redskins over Chargers!

What do I know: Ravens over Browns?


Thursday, November 7th

Redskins(3-5) at Vikings(1-7)

Washington may not have any defense, but Minnesota has neither defense or offense.

Pick: Redskins


Sunday, November 10th - Early Games

Eagles(4-5) at Packers(5-3)

Philly gets Green Bay at just the right time here.

Pick: Eagles


Jaguars(0-8) at Titans(4-4)

Jaguars gonna Jaguar.

Pick: Titans


Bills(3-6) at Steelers(2-6)

Pittsburgh will rebound after a disastrous outing against the Pats.

Pick: Steelers


Raiders(3-5) at Giants(2-6)

Eli & Co. will actually pick up a rare 2013 victory here.

Pick: Giants


Rams(3-6) at Colts(6-2)

Indy won't need to mount a comeback in this one.

Pick: Colts


Seahawks(8-1) at Falcons(2-6)

Seattle will avenge their playoff loss in Atlanta, ten months too late.

Pick: Seahawks


Bengals(6-3) at Ravens(3-5)

Upset special as Baltimore stuns Cincy at home.

Pick: Ravens


Lions(5-3) at Bears(5-3) - Game of the Week

Whether it's Cutler or the "Mighty McCown" at QB, Chicago pulls out a crucial win over Detroit.

Pick: Bears


Sunday, November 10th - Late Games

Panthers(5-3) at 49ers(6-2)

At first glance, this looks like a fantastic matchup between two dominant rushing attacks and powerful defenses, which should be very close. The closer you look at it though, It's very apparent that Carolina has eaten cake for the past 4 games and that will end in San Francisco. I wish both teams could lose.

Pick: 49ers


Texans(2-6) at Cardinals(4-4)

Houston actually resists the urge to choke another game away this week.

Pick: Texans


Broncos(7-1) at Chargers(4-4)

Denver and San Diego will put on an aerial show in this one, but Denver prevails.

Pick: Broncos


Sunday Night Football

Cowboys(5-4) at Saints(6-2)

New Orleans has every incentive to roll Dallas in this game. Rob Ryan will coach this game with a vendetta against Dallas, Sean Payton will look to correct the mistakes made a week ago, and this team will relish the opportunity to put away their NFC rival. Most importantly, the Saints return home to play Sunday Night Football where they have been at their absolute best and most focused. Dallas has an incredibly potent passing attack, but I would expect the Saints to give Dez Bryant the "Megatron" treatment from 2011 and double team him out of the equation. I like the Saints here, decisively.

Pick: Saints


Monday, November 11th - Monday Night Football

Dolphins(4-4) at Buccaneers(0-8)

Miami looks to focus on football during the harassment debacle, and they've drawn the perfect opponent to escape their troubles.

Pick: Dolphins


There you have it, Week 10 is almost upon us. Can't wait to see the Saints back home in primetime! Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below. Who Dat!

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