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Saints Pistol Whip Panthers and Junior Galette Hands Out Body Bags: Podcast

The boys recap the Saints' 31-13 domination of Carolina and preview the next game against the Rams. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

Andrew begins by discussing Ralph's romantic text while Ralph pats himself on the back for predicting the score. The show then gets back to football and Junior Galette giving out body bags to Cam Newton.

Are the Saints struggles on the road as simple as the offensive line sucking away from the Dome? The boys argue if the Saints receivers are still very good.

Should you care about the indoor noise record? How disappointed should we be the Saints handed out dish towels.

Andrew breaks down the improvement of Corey White. Kevin wants to remind America THAT DREW BREES IS THE GODDAMN MAN!

Plus, the boys announce a winner in their insult-a-family-member contest and take your Twitter questions, like will Kevin marry a listener, are Sean Payton and Steve Smith boys, or if you couldn't think of anything to print on a towel wouldn't you at least text Brett Favre to see if he had some ideas?

They then preview the St. Louis Rams game with mediocre insight from St. Louis resident Kevin.

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language