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Goodbye Garrett Hartley, Hello Terron Armstead: Saints Podcast

The boys break down the Saints' recent roster moves and preview the Carolina Panthers game. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

Kevin thinks the Saints are better at kicker now and Ralph tries to figure out Garrett Hartley's legacy and gives Tom Dempsey some love.

Dave interrupts the podcast to give a 60 second preview of Tulane's bowl game.

The boys then get around to breaking down the disaster in St. Louis. Ralph wants the Drew Brees roll out pass at the goal line taken out the playbook. Andrew breaks down how rushing four people with success is why the Rams dominate the Saints consistently. Kevin ranks his in-game experience in St. Louis. It wasn't the worst Saints game he's attended but it's close. Did the Saints loss cost Kevin sex? Andrew breaks into French.

Should we be in full blown panic about missing the playoffs if the Saints lose in Carolina? Kevin says no and yells at Ralph.

Then the boys answer your Twitter question including a Juge meltdown. Could the Saints start going through kickers like Pez, which Saints are Peanuts characters, and how bad do we want the 2013 Dallas Cowboys to become the worst defense ever?

Andrew, Kevin, and Ralph, then make Carolina game picks.

The boys end with best Christmas movie ever. Two words: DIE HARD.

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language