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Saints vs. Seahawks Monday Night Football Final Score: Seattle, Russell Wilson Dominate Saints 34-7

The New Orleans Saints played arguably one of the worst games of the Payton-Brees era and get embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks 34-7 on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Jonathan Ferrey

The New Orleans Saints were simply outplayed by the Seahawks in their embarrassing 34-7 loss to Seattle on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

The offense just couldn't move the ball against a very talented and stingy Seahawks secondary. And on defense, the Saints looked more like their 2012 self, giving up big plays, leaving players wide open, and unable to make stops or get off the field.

To be sure, it was an ugly game for the Saints. About as ugly as it gets. Here's a quick recap.

The Turning Point

Drew Brees' fumble and the subsequent scoop and score by Seattle on the Saints' second drive of the game. It was all over from there. The Seahawks gained a 10 point lead, momentum and never looked back.


The Good

Not much to feel positive about after this game. Special teams played pretty well. Thomas Morstead did a great job, as usual, of punting the football and Garrett Hartley didn't miss any kicks. Huzzah! Also, Luke McCown got some real game action. Oh wait, that's bad.

The Bad

You mean aside from the ass kicking the they just took? Just about everything. Offense. Defense. Hard to even know where to start. I think we've all got  to be honest with ourselves and realize that the Saints are simply not the same team on the road, and even worse in cold weather. Which sucks because the Saints pretty much just gave up their chance for homefield advantage in the playoffs with this loss to the Seahawks.

Saints Offensive MVP

Jed Collins, who had one rush for 12 yards, the longest of his career.

Saints Defensive MVP

Curtis Lofton is the only defensive player I can think of right now who put together a solid 60 minutes of football tonight. He's quietly having a very good season.

Saints Who Starred

Thomas Morstead, Garrett Hartley, Marques Colston

Saints Who Struggled

Drew Brees, who threw for only 147 yards, his lowest with the Saints. Cam Jordan, who was neutralized to a non-factor. Everyone in the Saints secondary, for letting plays like this happen.


Crazy Stat of the Game

The Saints had only 188 total yard of offense. That is the lowest in the Sean Payon-Drew Brees era.

Tweet of the Game

Sean Payton's son, Connor, can't take it anymore.

Gif of the Game

This about sums it all up.


Injury Update

Zach Strief appeared to injure his knee. He left the game and went to the locker room between the third and fourth quarters.

What's Next

The Saints have a short week to prepare for another huge game, their first matchup of the season against NFC South rivals Carolina Panthers (9-2). That game was flexed and will now air on NBC's Sunday Night Football, December 7th, 2013.

With the loss tonight, the Saints have little-to-no chance of getting the NFC's No. 1 seed overall. Which means the two games against Carolina now become even more important than ever, as New Orleans needs to win the division and at least grab the No. 2 seed. Otherwise, it's a lowly Wild Card.

Final Stats

Team Stats

First Downs 12 23
Total Yards 188 429
Passing Yards 144 302
Rushing Yards 44 127
Penalties (Yds) 7(52) 8(66)
Turnovers 1 0
Punts (AVG) 6(46) 3(40)
Time of Pos. 26:22 33:38

Top Performers

D. Brees 23/38 147 1 0
M. Ingram 8 22 0 8
J. Collins 1 12 0 12
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
D. Sproles 7 32 0 10
M. Colston 4 27 0 14
P. Thomas 4 21 0 9
R. Wilson 22/30 310 3 0
R. Wilson 8 47 0 15
M. Lynch 16 45 0 14
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
Z. Miller 5 86 1 60
D. Baldwin 4 77 1 52
G. Tate 4 45 0 17