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Have a Merry Who Dat Christmas!!!

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Drop in our Christmas Day Open Thread in between priceless moments of family togetherness to share some holiday spirit with your CSC brethren and sistren.

This guy has Christmas spirit in abundance!!!
This guy has Christmas spirit in abundance!!!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning and Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day Eve to one and all!! I hope this day finds you well and enjoying time by yourself, or together with family and friends, however it is that you spend the day.

I set up this post to allow us an official community gathering space to share what we're doing for the day, express peace and wishes of goodwill to each other and all of humankind (and animalkind and plantkind - gosh, it's hard work to be all-inclusive, but it sure is worth it!!), talk about the cool Saints swag we may have received, or whatever floats your boat within the community guidelines, of course.

This morning, Mrs. H and I have opened some presents and will go over to her son's house in just a bit for Christmas breakfast. Our almost two-year old grandson will be the main featured attraction, of course (his birthday is December 29th - same as Sean Payton's). After that, we'll return home for a relaxing afternoon of roasting our stuffed turkey breast for an early, quiet/intimate dinner, a Facetime video chat with my parents and a phone call to Mrs. H's folks, and a whole lotta nothing!

My parents always give us Saints or New Orleans-themed presents, so here's the bounty for this year:


We've got a pair of dish towels with "king cake" and "beignets" printed on them, a new Saints license plate frame, and a Drew Breeeeees! Lego Action Figure (don't call it a doll!!).

Have a wonderful day, everyone and I wish you Peace on Earth, goodwill to all, and fun and some sweet Saints playoff/Super Bowl memories for a Happy New Year!!

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