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Saints vs. Seahawks Monday Night Football Player Grades: Offense

The Saints sucked on offense from top to bottom in their 37-7 loss to the Seahawks on Monday night. They played a superior opponent and pretty much got owned every way you could imagine. The offense put up 7 points, couldn't run the ball, blocked poorly, the receivers got no separation, and Drew Brees never had a chance. That results in 188 yards of offense and an embarrassing loss. The grades below aren't pretty, but of course you didn't expect anything else.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Brees: C (3.11) He was 23 of 38 for 147 yards, 1 touchdown and no interceptions. He also had a very costly fumble that was returned for a touchdown and ended the game before it even really started. He had no chance in this game. Protection was poor so the ball needed to come out in a hurry, and with the receivers never open it's a Christmas miracle he never threw an interception. He had nothing to work with, I don't blame this on him. He did miss a couple throws but with the amount of pressure he was feeling that's to be expected. Kudos to him for only being sacked once despite being under constant pressure.

Mark Ingram: D+ (2.05) It's becoming clear to me this guy will never be the back we hoped he'd be when he was drafted. Sure he's capable of big games against defenses that are banged up or poor like the Cowboys, but he could never come in a game like this and make a statement. He's just a pedestrian running back in the NFL. And hey, that's better than most athletes. I'm not saying he doesn't have talent, but he's no better than average and I'm coming to the conclusion that may never change. He had 8 carries for 22 yards and was manhandled. He has gotten a lot better in pass protection, so I will give him that.

Pierre Thomas: C- (2.97) He helped a bit with blocking. He had 4 carries for 0 yards. Yikes! He showed decent hands with 4 catches for 21 yards but the Seahawks were ready for the screen passes.

Darren Sproles: C+ (2.77) I'm surprised he wasn't used more early on. He played more in the second half when the game was completely out of reach. He had 3 carries for 11 yards and 7 catches for 32 yards. Nothing awesome, but hey, he was way better than most.

Jed Collins: C (2.70) His 12 yard run on 3rd and short was actually the 3rd longest offensive play of the day for the Saints. How sad is that? His blocking was otherwise poor, but in his defense everyone on the line was getting owned too.

Marques Colston: C (2.70) The times he caught a pass it was always for a short gain short of the sticks. Sadly that was as good of a gain as the Saints got for the most part. He had 4 catches for 27 yards. When Brees went downfield to him he got no separation whatsoever. He had one deep ball where Richard Sherman pretty much owned him at the highest point. Colston seems to be declining.

Lance Moore: D (2.04) What happened to Lance Moore? He is a non factor in every game now. I don't get it. The Saints really could have used him in a game like this. It's like Drew Brees has completely lost faith in him. He had 2 catches for 12 yards.

Robert Meachem: D (2.15) Meachem is not the player he once was. He's also a bit of a one trick pony, because if he can't bread basket a deep ball, he's not catching it. He had a shot at a deep ball, beating Sherman, but just couldn't come up with a nice catch. He had 1 catch for 7 yards.

Kenny Stills: D (2.42) He had 1 catch for 3 yards and had another target on a low ball where he should have made the catch but couldn't come up with it. The most notable play he had did reward the Saints with 15 yards when he was absolutely obliterated in the end zone by Richard Sherman for a personal foul. No reason for Sherman to do that, hitting Stills as the play was ending away from them.

Jimmy Graham: C (3.11) He had 3 catches for 42 yards and a touchdown. He had a couple drops too, though, and anytime there was contact he didn't seem interested in hanging on. Jimmy Graham mentally checks out of games at times, and it definitely happened in this one. He seemed to want no part of the big hits and cold.

Benjamin Watson: C- (2.46) His lone target downfield he was blanketed and dominated. For some reason Josh Hill is preferred to him now.

Joshua Hill: D (2.06) The Saints are going to him in some critical situations and more times than not he's turning up empty. He had another drop on a 3rd down and while the throw was high he just has to make that play.

Charles Brown: D (2.19) He put Brees under constant pressure which forced Brees to step up in the pocket and take hits. The Saints gave him so much help it left the rest of the line exposed. He was also flagged for illegal use of hands. I hope Terron Armstead is ready soon, I just don't see Charles Brown as the left tackle of the future for the Saints.

Ben Grubbs: C- (2.36) Another poor showing by a player that to me has grossly underperformed this season. He's never been the most physical but last year his pass protection and technique were excellent. He had regressed a bit I think. He was responsible for a run play getting blown up, he whiffed on a screen block and got Brees creamed once just after a release.

Brian de la Puente: D+ (2.33) His run blocking was a disaster. He got no push and allowed backside pursuit to run down the back by offering little resistance.

Jahri Evans: C- (2.63) I take issue with his holding call where he threw his man to the ground. But he wasn't good. You have to wonder if he's struggling still physically. He just hasn't been right all season. He struggled in all areas.

Zach Strief: D (2.64) Before leaving with an ankle injury he was in my estimation the worst offensive lineman on the day. He gave up the sack that led to the strip/recovery/touchdown and was constantly getting beat around the edge.

Bryce Harris: C- (2.26) He replaced Strief and assumed his turn getting beat around the edge and getting Brees hit.

My Offensive Player of the Game: Darren Sproles, I guess