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NFL Picks Week 14: Shock and Awe

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After another predictably unpredictable week around the NFL, the Saints face yet another "Game of the Year" situation.

Streeter Lecka

The New Orleans Saints look to reassemble themselves after being dismantled in Seattle on Monday night. After a long, miserable experience in the Pacific Northwest, the Saints face their long-hated division rivals, the Carolina Panthers. Despite the bitter disappointment from that loss, you may be surprised to find out that the season is in fact not over, and the Saints still control their own destiny regarding the highly coveted #2 seed in the NFC Playoffs. It all begins here and now against the Panthers, on our favorite television show NBC's Sunday Night Football live from the Superdome! It always has the same ending, and that's why we love it. On with the rest of Week 14.

Last week I went 7-9 (YIKES!), Season record 118-75

I told you so: Ravens over Steelers!

What do I know: Saints over Seahawks?


Thursday, December 5th

Texans(2-10) at Jaguars(3-9)

Houston, I have no words for you.

Pick: Jaguars


Sunday, December 8th - Early Games

Colts(8-4) at Bengals(8-4)

Without Reggie Wayne, Indy has become pedestrian, and that won't cut it in Cincy.

Pick: Bengals


Browns(4-8) at Patriots(9-3)

Because it's Cleveland vs New England.

Pick: Patriots


Raiders(4-8) at Jets(5-7)

The Saints actually lost to the Jets? Unbelievable.

Pick: Raiders


Chiefs(9-3) at Redskins(3-9)

Kansas City snaps their three game slump this week at Washington.

Pick: Chiefs


Vikings(3-8-1) at Ravens(6-6)

Baltimore fights to stay alive in the AFC playoff race.

Pick: Ravens


Falcons(3-9) at Packers(5-6-1)

Green Bay's greatest ally in this one is the sub-20º temperature.

Pick: Packers


Bills(4-8) at Buccaneers(3-9)

Buffalo bounces back from an overtime loss to lowly Atlanta last week.

Pick: Bills


Dolphins(6-6) at Steelers(5-7)

Pittsburgh's homefield advantage proves to be just barely enough to keep their faint playoff hopes alive for another week.

Pick: Steelers


Lions(7-5) at Eagles(7-5)

Defense need not apply in this shootout. Philly gets the big win at home for a second straight week.

Pick: Eagles


Sunday, December 8th - Late Games

Titans(10-7) at Broncos(10-2)

Tennessee's defense will provide some resistance against Denver, but just not enough.

Pick: Broncos


Rams(5-7) at Cardinals(7-5)

Arizona picks up a hard-fought win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Pick: Cardinals


Seahawks(11-1) at 49ers(8-4) - Game of the Week

Seattle follows up their demolition of the Saints with a nail-biting loss in San Francisco, because that's how the NFL works.

Pick: 49ers


Giants(5-7) at Chargers(5-7)

Eli Manning will shine for a change this season, in San Diego.

Pick: Giants


Sunday Night Football

Panthers(9-3) at Saints(9-3)

The Saints, in the Superdome, on Sunday Night Football means victory. If there's anything you can believe in, it's that. The Panthers are good, damn good, but good teams get their heads kicked in every once in a while (as we are all too aware). The Saints will be as motivated as we've seen them this season. Don't be fooled by the Seattle game, this team didn't turn into the Texans overnight. The Superdome will once again prove why it provides the best homefield advantage this side of the Puget Sound. Break out the bats, Saints win 31-14.

Pick: Saints


Monday, December 9th - Monday Night Football

Cowboys(7-5) at Bears(6-6)

Well, this Monday Night game should at least be competitive.

Pick: Cowboys


There it is, Week 14 of the NFL season, how fast it's going by. Here's to the Saints returning to form this Sunday night, and here's to Who Dat Nation returning to sanity along with it. Enjoy Panther Hate Week part one, everybody!

Who Dat!