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New Orleans Saints Offensive Concerns

A lot was said on my most recent article about the offense not being the same this year. Is this true or off base? If so, what exactly IS different?

Otto Greule Jr

While tracking a large discussion on my last article for CSC, Saints Suffer Setback, a great many comments were directed at changes to the offense this year. And for once, this author didn't get totally roasted in the comments, so that is even more exciting!

Has it changed or is this just an excuse? If so, what happened? I tend to think the receiving corps has suffered from a dramatic lack of production over time and possibly defenses are a.) getting better or b.) they have the New Orleans Saints offense figured out.

I personally feel it is time for an upgrade at wide receiver and I like some of the young guns we have. Colston won't be here next year, Graham is going to cost a fortune but he will be here. Lance Moore hasn't been effective since the Great Depression apparently. So, if things HAVE changed with the offense, what are they and where do the Saints go from here?

Keep in mind a great point made by another CSC writer: No One on the Saints' Offense Grades Above a C+

Some of the discussion in the comment's thread of my most recent article:

I don’t know if it’s Brees, Payton or our o-line or maybe all three, but our offense just isn’t the same this year. -HollywoodSaint

It's the lack of a running game. If you go back to when our offense was setting records, our running game was really, really good. We were always a run first team. The o-line has never been amazing. What made the pass protection work was the threat of the run. Defenses couldn’t put their ears back and rush because they might give up 20 on the ground. I’m not sure why Payton got away from that. It’s still there whenever he actually uses it, but for whatever reason he wants to pass more and more, and it’s a lot easier to defend against a one-dimensional offense, no matter how good the guy behind center is. - j0shle0

Our receivers are NOT fine. Lance Moore has sucked balls this season. Colston’s getting old. Defenses are keying in stopping Graham and Sproles. And I don’t care if Brees was under pressure, he still played bad and couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a plank last nite. He’s had multiple games like that this season, especially on the road. O’line needs upgrading yes. But WR position must come first. What worked for years before is not working now. - Jricky70

I know Seattle is the best team in the NFL. And I don’t see how any other team can stop them. They’re almost the perfect storm, especially at home. But I’m noticing a trend with this offense. The Jets game, last nite, the Pats game, and the flat performance against Atlanta in the Ga. Dome. There’s been lack of separation from the receivers in quite a few games, dropped passes and Brees hasn’t been as great as we’ve been accustomed to seeing. But I’m not blaming solely on him although some of his passes have not been good. The O’line is bad I know. It’s a multitude of things on offense. 3rd and manageable has been awful this season as well. And how the Seahawks are not undefeated I'll never understand. They are damn good. -Jricky70

As you can tell, the discussion is pretty deep arguing what is happening with the offense. The offensive line is a huge problem and not a playoff caliber line, much less Super Bowl caliber, Drew isn't as sharp as in the past (but is that related to the o-line and/or receivers or just aging? Are we chasing our tales on this particular point?) The receivers, to this author, are not as dependable as before. Apparently, however, there is a lot of blame to go around. I could do an entirely new article based on the feelings of the defense from the comments section of my article so let's not completely blame the offense.

So let's hear you. Keep related to offense. What do you think about the 2013 crew? Has something changed for better or worse? If so, what is going on? Sound off in the attached poll and in the comments. Light it up people!

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