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Your Rob Ryan and Free Agency Questions Answered

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

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Do you like the hiring of Rob Ryan or do you wish they chose someone else? - Thomas M.

As of now I'm okay with it. I like Rob Ryan's intensity and that he's a little rough around the edges. He comes from the same school as Gregg Williams and that school earned the Saints a Super Bowl win. Ryan's past statistics don't bother me. Then again, I also liked the hiring of Steve Spagnuolo so what the hell do I know?

Saying that Ryan's defense is complicated and takes two years to install and understand. Do you think after witnessing the 2012 defensive debacle that Payton might get more involved with the defense if this is the case to streamline things? - Charles

No, I don't. I think Payton chose a defensive coordinator that he believes knows his stuff and who doesn't need to be babysat. And I think he went with the guy who can help the Saints win a championship now.

I personally believe that next year is dead on arrival unless we get one marque defensive player that can inspire others around him- regardless of Ryan's implementation of a new 3-4. Considering who's available in free agency, who would be your top 3 veteran "go get'em" picks for defense? Not saying get 3, only one, but who would your top 3 choices be? - Cha C.

Also, do you think we will need to explore FA to bring in players with experience in Ryan's defense? - Robert S.

Any three veteran plays to add to the defense? I could give you quite a few names but three that come to mind are Ed Reed, Osi Umenyiora, and Cliff Avril.

Free agents with experience in Ryan's defense? Keep your eye on 11-year veteran defensive end Kenyon Coleman, who followed Ryan from Cleveland to Dallas and could do the same again. I also wouldn't mind seeing linebacker Anthony Spencer and his 11 sacks in 2012 migrate to New Orleans with Ryan.

I live in Dallas and might be traveling to New Orleans for spring break. This is my first time going in about 13 years or so. Can you recommend any cool places for me to visit, or any must-sees? - Ali K.

Rob Ryan, is that you? I just recently published a three-part guide to New Orleans for fans visiting town for the Super Bowl. Just read those and you should be alright.

New Orleans Guide: Eating Out

New Orleans Guide: Nightlife

New Orleans Guide: Education Attractions

I am really concerned about cap space. Last I saw we were 20 mil over the cap. How we gonna sign peole if we are 20 mil over. - Garrett H.

According to the Saints are exactly $20.7 million over the cap. How do they make room to sign players? Cut a few players here, re-structure a few player contracts there, sprinkle a little bit of Mickey Loomis magic dust and - POOF! - the Saints are back under the cap with plenty of room to sign premium talent. Don't ask too many questions.

Why are we not looking for db's? - Tupelo F.

First of all, who says the Saints aren't looking at DBs? Second, the free agency period doesn't begin until March 12th so nothing can be done until then.