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NFL Draft 2013 Spotlight: Kenny Vaccaro

Taking a look at Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro, a new face in the Saints' mock central.


As of now, the majority of expert mock drafts have the Saints going with either a defensive lineman or an outside linebacker. The reason being that the Saints' front seven has been one of the worst in the league in the past few years. But to be honest, the defense has been so porous that I wouldn't mind any defensive selection. That is why I'm bringing a new name to the table: Kenny Vaccaro, a safety out of Texas.

From what I have seen, virtually nobody has the Saints taking Vaccaro. He is either going slightly before, or he is dropping to the lower half of the first round. I did a little background research on Vaccaro and he looks good to go. This senior year highlight tape from him at the University of Texas is pretty impressive. He looks quick off of the snap and has a nose for the ball. Scheme wise, the 3-4 will be to his benefit because he'll be lined up in the box a lot.

Statistically speaking, 2012 was a great year for Vaccaro. The 6'1", 220 lbs. safety led the team with 107 total tackles, two forced fumbles, and two interceptions. In his entire collegiate career, he has a whopping 257 tackles. Those numbers are great for a player at his position.

This is a guy that I think the Saints should definitely take a look at if he is still on the board for their pick. They gave up an average of 292.6 yards per game last season, which was 31st in the league. At that point, a strong presence in the secondary is just as important to the team as a pass rusher. A sure tackler that can make stops around the line of scrimmage makes him an even better option.

Let us also not forget that Roman Harper is due a big chunk of change this season. By getting rid of Harper and replacing him with Vaccaro, the Saints could save some money and would be getting an upgrade at the same time.