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Saints PR Department Denies Existence of Bounty Scandal in 2012

The History section of the Saints 2012 Media Guide contains no evidence of any bad Saints news in the Winter/Spring of 2012. See the proof below.

Mickey! What can you tell us about the "2012 bad news" cover-up in the 2012 Saints Media Guide?
Mickey! What can you tell us about the "2012 bad news" cover-up in the 2012 Saints Media Guide?
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

For the New Orleans Saints PR department, it seems that denial is much more than just a river in Egypt. In the "History" section of the 2012 Media Guide, they have basically denied that there was any bad news for the Saints in the Winter/Spring of 2012.

I found this out today after I downloaded a copy of the 2012 Saints Media Guide from the Saints official team site, FOR FREE, rather than pay the ridiculously high $50 (including shipping) to get a hard copy of it to help me in writing for CSC during this long and dreary off-season.

After getting it saved to my desktop, I opened it up and perused the areas that I use the most often to see the changes in them since the last one I bought in 2009, and discovered this entry in the History Timeline section:


Jan. 1 - With a 45-17 win over Carolina in the regular season finale, the Saints improve to 13-3, tying their regular season record for wins and capturing the NFC South title, qualifying for the playoffs a team-record third season in a row. New Orleans accumulated a team single-game record 617 total net yards to run their season total to 7,474, smashing the NFL single-season mark of 7,075 previously held by the 2000 St. Louis Rams. Sproles sets the NFL all-purpose yardage total with 2,696 yards. Brees ended his record-setting month of December/January, by capturing NFC Offensive Player of the Month honors, as he would finish the season with an NFL-record 5,476 passing yards and 71.2% completion percentage; Jan. 7 - Saints defeat Detroit in NFC Wild Card playoff, as Brees completes 33-of-43 passes for 466 yards with three touchdowns, the second-highest single-game passing yardage total in NFL postseason history; Feb. 4 - T William Roaf, who played with New Orleans from 1993-2000 and was selected to the Pro Bowl in his final six seasons with the club, was voted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. On the same evening, Brees was also named the Associated Press/NFL Offensive Player of the Year; May 18 - Owner/Chairman of the Board Tom Benson and RB Deuce McAllister are elected to the Saints Hall of Fame; May 20 - Benson announced a re-structuring of top management positions with Rita Benson LeBlanc being named Owner/Vice-Chairman and Dennis Lauscha being named team President; June 15 - Benson completes the purchase of the New Orleans Hornets after having been approved by the National Basketball Association's Board of Governors.

Look closely, about midway down in the text. You can even check my block-quoting accuracy, if you'd like

First, there's nothing between the January 7th Wild Card win over the Lions and the February 4th announcement of Willie Roaf's selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Nothing. Nada.

I seem to recall a pretty momentous playoff loss to San Francisco happening somewhere in there, as well as a Super Bowl-winning DC being let go and a new guy coming on board to much fanfare.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Rob Ryan's not the new DC and the Spags hiring and 2012 defensive season of "horreurs" didn't really happen.

Second, it seems that nothing happened from Roaf's HOF selection until May 18, when the Saints HOF announced Deuce and Tom's selections.

Nothing in March, April, or early May. That's NOT EVEN CLOSE to how I remember it. It's too painful to review now, but you all know exactly what I'm talking about. does.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe I'll walk into my bathroom and see Bobby Ewing drying off after a hot shower. Or maybe I'll wake up in bed with Bob and Emily Newhart, shaking off the effects of a years-long dream of life at an Inn in Vermont (skip to the 7:10 mark). No more Japanese food for me before bedtime again, I guess.

I know these weren't the brightest moments in Saints history, and regardless of the dubious nature of Goodell's evidence, stated rationale, and BS heavy-handedness, significant events did happen to the Saints during this time period, and it feels wrong to me that they were ignored in the media guide.

This is the 2012 New Orleans Saints Media Guide, after all. A source of facts and records about the New Orleans Saints football team. Those things happened, but they are not mentioned. Why not?

What do you make of this? Is this anything?

Am I naively overreacting again, or is this the big deal I'm feeling it is?

I want some answers, and I know I won't really get any from the Saints. But maybe I'll get some helpful speculation and commentary from you guys and gals in the thread.