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2013 NFL Draft Fantasies and Drastic Changes

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Monday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.


My other concerns relate to Special Teams on Kickoff and Punt Returns, which have been horrific as of late. Do you see any changes or upgrades in that area for the upcoming 2013 season? - J. Ricky

There is a huge difference between the terms "change" and "upgrade." I absolutely see the Saints making changes to their special teams unit. They make changes every year and I can promise you this year will be no different. Whether those changes lead to an upgrade, however, won't be known until games are played. I can't promise improvement and neither can the Saints.

I think the team's trouble on kick/punt returns is less about personnel, though, and more about poor tackling. I genuinely believe that a focus on improved tackling with the players they currently have would go much further than simply trying to replace them.

Not sure what people's blogging or work affiliations/restrictions are, but is there any chance Angry Who Dat and or Wang can be a part of a future podcast? - Cha C.

That's really a question for Ralph, the man in charge of our podcast. You can email him at I can tell you I would certainly enjoy having those two crazy guys on the show regularly.

Question. I am a fan of defense. The players that the saints have aquired this past season should be given another chance to perform. Dont get me wrong, the performance of a few players should definitely be the reason that their contracts be adjusted but overall they are a talented bunch. Joe vitt did a good job aquiring the players. with that being said the saints had if not the worse the 2nd to worse defense in the league. Lebron and d wade's first year wasn't as successful as planned. So give these guys a chance. They are talented and made some big plays. Closing out a game falls more on the coaching staff. We felled to close out games hence our 7 and 9 record. - Ronald C.

Ummm...was there supposed to be a question here?

Is there a logical expectation or reasonable grounds for hope that the change in defensive alignment will produce more of a positive bump in results than the change to the new system, that was widely expected to, did last year? - P. Catahoula

Your question is worded incredibly weird and I'm not even sure it makes sense. But I think I get what you're trying to ask. The Saints have been a predominantly 4-3 team for quite some time and in that time they've been a middling defense at best. So I don't understand why any Saints fan would be so hung up on sticking with the 4-3.

I keep hearing people say the Saints don't have the right personnel for a 3-4 defense. But I think it's just the opposite. Considering how crappy the Saints defense has been the past 10 years, I think you'd have an easier time making the argument that the Saints don't have the right personnel for a 4-3. In other words, I don't think the switch to 3-4 could really be any worse

Offensively, do we need to sign, cut, or upgrade anywhere? I'd like to see another Quality catching TE or FB. - Los

There's always room for improvement. Remember that. If you're not getting better, you're getting worse. They definitely need some additional depth at tight end behind Jimmy Graham and they definitely need some help on the offensive line.

Do you think the Saints (semi) theme song ' Get Crunk " should be changed? And if so, to what? - Tim P.

I don't think it should be changed, I just think it shouldn't be played as often. It's overdone.

In some alternate universe, Goodell has a change of heart. He gives the Saints the 1st overall pick in this year's draft to compensate for the Bounty Scandal and makes you acting GM for the Saints. Who do you take with the first overall pick? - Daisy

I don't know which part of this question is more of a fantasy: Goodell having a change of heart or me being the acting GM for the Saints. If this situation were even remotely possible, you'd have to go with the best player available, regardless if he's on offense or defense. Fortunately for the Saints, Utah DT Star Lotulelei is projected by many as the top player in this year's draft so I'd say go with him, though it's a toss up with LT Luke Joeckel. Really and truly, I'd rather see the Saints trade down in that situation and pick up a first rounder next year.

If Manti Te'o falls to 15, would you take him? Should the Saints take him? Would the Saints take him? - Dan K.

No. No. Maybe.