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NFL Combine 2013: What's On and How To Watch It

The first "drills" components of the 2013 NFL Combine start today, and this post will school you on just what is on when and how you can watch it...LIVE! This comment section will also serve as our Open Thread for discussion of the day's events as they unfold.

Talk is cheap. It's Drill Time, baby.
Talk is cheap. It's Drill Time, baby.

Following the opening days of weigh-ins, medical exams, and interviews, it's finally time for the real fun of the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine to begin: the measurable drills.

Today the kickers, special teamers, offensive lineman, and tight ends will be on center stage, running, jumping, bending, straightening up, touching cones, changing direction, and completing other activities showcasing their physical prowess and agility.

With LT Jermon Bushrod set to hit free agency and the Saints needing quality depth at center and right tackle, the offensive line group is certainly a "position of interest" for the team.

From doinking around the NFL Combine page of, I learned that you can do more than just tune into NFL Network and watch it all from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm (Eastern Time) while Mark Mayock fills dead air with endless blather. On the aforementioned page are sortable charts, lists of players and results, photos, and other content that will be updated throughout the combine. Big fun!

You can also tune in on your mobile device and watch the drills on a little bitty screen, if that's your thing.

But, if you dial up this sweet NFL Combine Live page, you can literally watch every drill using their Camera One and Camera Two options.

Here are the hour-by hour breakdowns for each camera:

Camera One

9:00am - OL,PK,ST 40-Yard Dash
10:00am - OL,PK,ST Positional Skill Drills
11:00am - OL,PK,ST Vertical Leap & Broad Jump
12:00pm - OL,PK,ST Three-Cone & Shuttle Drills
1:00pm - TE 40-Yard Dash
2:00pm - TE Positional Skill Drills
3:00pm - TE Vertical Leap & Broad Jump
4:00pm - TE Three-Cone & Shuttle Drills

Camera Two

11:00am - OL 40-Yard Dash
12:00pm - OL Positional Skill Drills
1:00pm - OL Vertical Leap & Broad Jump
2:00pm - OL Three-Cone Drill

* * *

This is unprecedented access, people!!! If you can make anything of all this info, please jump into the comment section and share your observations, insights and commentary with the rest of your CSC friends.