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Saints Plan to Hire Rob Ryan as Defensive Coordinator...or Maybe Not

The Saints search for a new defensive coordinator has quickly turned into a bad Soap Opera.


Adam Schefter tweeted just minutes ago that the New Orleans Saints have already made a decision and are planning to hire Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator.

But there are conflicting reports. Larry Holder has other sources who say the Saints aren't as close to hiring Ryan as Schefter would have us believe.

Not just that, but the organization is still planning on bringing in other candidates for the coordinator position, University of Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham in particular.

Well this just got interesting. I don't know who to believe. On one hand, Schefter has always been pretty accurate with this kind of news. On the other hand, Holder is probably the best beat writer in the city and he should be closer to the team.

My guess is that it's actually a little bit of both. Perhaps the Saints are pretty sold on Ryan, but want to keep their options open?

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