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Super Bowl 2013 Recap Podcast

Andrew Juge makes his normal Wednesday appearance to recap the Super Bowl. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at


Andrew explains how he thought for, like, 15 seconds that Bane was going to destroy the Superdome when the blackout happened during the Super Bowl.

The guys agree the commercials were awful and they critique Beyonce's performance.

Ralph hopes next year's Super Bowl in New York is sub -23 degrees...unless the Saints are playing.

Ralph and Andrew then debate whether the Saints need to trade down in the NFL Draft to recoup their lost 2nd round pick.

Jason Bernos from the Nola Rundown joins Ralph to vent one last time at Goodell and Jason throws out some interesting names for defensive coordinator. He also gives some interesting insight on defending the read option and pistol offenses.

Plus, is Ed Reed worth the risk?

Listen right now to track #1 below, get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here.

Warning: explicit language and adult content.