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Grantham Announces He's Staying At Georgia

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has dropped out of the running for the Saints DC position and is apparently staying at UGA.

Todd's staying put in Georgia.
Todd's staying put in Georgia.
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Larry Holder of reported tonight that Todd Grantham, the University of Georgia defensive coordinator who interviewed on Thursday for the Saints' defensive coordinator position has withdrawn his name from consideration.

According to Larry, the news came in a statement released by Grantham tonight:

"I want to thank Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints organization for the opportunity to interview and get to know them," Grantham said in a statement Friday night. "They are a first-class organization in every respect. As I said Wednesday, Georgia is a great place, my family loves it here, and I do as well.

"This is where our heart is and today I have withdrawn my name from consideration for the position with the Saints. I'm excited to start preparations for another season and along with the rest of our defensive staff look forward to coaching some really good returning players as well as developing some very talented newcomers."

That means the short list is getting shorter, and it's down to Rob Ryan and mystery bachelor # 3, who'll be in next week, but we have no idea who the h$%^ it is yet.

What does this mean to the Saints? Are you freaking out, or rolling with it, or just plain "meh" about it?