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On Defensive Coordinators and Draft Picks

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Tuesday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Realistically, Assuming we get a great defensive coordinator, how much improvement can the Saints expect to see in the defense in one year. - Ben D.

The Saints won their first and only Super Bowl with a first-year defensive coordinator. Just sayin'.

How the hell did your father-in-law got those Superbowl tickets? - French F.

Haha. My father-in-law holds a pretty high position at a pretty large company. He also works for some pretty wealthy people. I've had the good fortune of scoring lots of sweet tickets, including floor seats to Hornets games.

Drew Brees-MVP 2013 So, am I crazy or what? - Tupelo F.

You're a little crazy. But I understand where you're coming from. Nobody hopes you're right more than me.

Question of the Offseason: Should the Saints abandon the playing of Stand Up and Get Crunk after every TD? - Mobile S.

Absolutely. Probably should have been done a couple of years ago.

Yasinskas suggested that the Saints and Ed Reed might be a good fit, akin to Sharper coming here for '09. What are the odds of this happening, what would Jenkins do if it did happen, and how do you think it would work out? - Mike from NOLA

You can include me in that number of people who want to see Ed Reed in a Saints uniform. I know he's old but he's still making interceptions in the Super Bowl, how bad could he be? I think the odds of the Saints signing him depend on how badly the Ravens want to keep him. They could make it expensive to sign Reed. As for Jenkins, I don't really care what happens. He can either move back to cornerback or simply be a backup. As long as the best players are on the field, it doesn't matter.

Do you think Bushrod will be worth what we will have to pay to keep him? He's been to the Pro Bowl twice now, right? Is there any chance Charles Brown is given a shot to start this season? - Robert S.

If the Saints decide to pay Bushrod, it will probably be for more than he's worth. Going to a Pro Bowl doesn't necessarily mean much but at this point I think he's the team's best option at tackle. Which sucks for the Saints. I wouldn't get your hopes up for Charles Brown. He's been given plenty of shots. If he hasn't impressed coaches and fans by now, I'm afraid it may never happen.

Do you think 2013 will be a breakout year for Sproles and Ingram? - Aryan S.

Wait...what? A breakout year for Sproles? The guy who owns the all-time record for most all-purpose yards in a single season? He hasn't "broken out" yet?

Is Rob Ryan going to add more circus like BS to our already punch drunk team? Maybe he's a decent 3-4 man, I don't know; what concerns me is that he is a Ryan, and by being such, they tend to get attention for all the wrong reasons. I'm concerned about distractions. - Cha C.

Well first of all, Rob Ryan coming to New Orleans isn't a done deal. Second, I think you're projecting all of his brother Rex's antics and media attention onto Rob. I'm not saying Rob isn't gregarious and verbose in his own right, but I don't think he's really done anything himself to think he'll bring the media circus to town.

Give us your gut feeling on where the Saints go with their first pick in the draft position wise and whether or not you agree with that decision. - Jeff. l. b

Considering the Saints desperately need defensive help and there's a significant amount of defensive talent in the NFL Draft this year, I think they go with a defensive lineman. And I am 100% okay with that decision.

Does Drew Brees get a pass for this season? The defense did suck this year, but ahhh, so did the 100 million dollar man. - aka 504

Get a pass from what? Being released? Look, on his worst day Drew is still better than half the damn quarterbacks in the NFL. Don't get so hung up on his $100 million contract. It's just as much payment for everything he did his first six years with the Saints as it is for what he can/will do the next six years.