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NFL Free Agency 2013: Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma Restructures and Herring Release Get Saints Under Salary Cap

Instead of going on a signing spree, the Saints spent the first day of the 2013 NFL free agency period freeing up money to go shopping later.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We have a clearer picture of the New Orleans Saints salary cap situation now that details regarding the restructured contracts of Saints defensive players Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma have been released.

Larry Holder, of course, was the first reporter with the new contract information:

Along with the release of linebacker Will Herring, here is a look at what the front office accomplished today:

Player Old 2013 Base Salary New 2013 Base Salary Cap Savings
Will Herring Released Released $1.6 million
Will Smith $9 million $3 million $6 million
Jonathan Vilma $4.8 million $1 million $3.8 million
Total $11.4 million

Indeed, Larry Holder confirms that the Saints have saved about $11 million dollars in cap space with their work today.

In reality, we don't really know where the Saints stand with regard to the salary cap, only the Saints do. I've seen lots of different numbers from different sources. WWL-TV believes the Saints saved more money today and are even further below the cap.

There's no telling who is more accurate. But no matter whose numbers you use, the Saints are definitely under the salary cap.