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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Saints Select Ezekiel Ansah

A premium pass rushing talent has now dropped to the Saints thanks to the impressive Combine performances of other defensive studs.

George Frey

There has been a lot of shifting among major mock drafts now that the NFL Combine is over and it's results analyzed and factored accordingly. SB Nation's Mocking the Draft is no different.

In earlier versions, MTD had the Saints selecting Florida State's Xavier Jones and Oregon's Dion Jordan. But taking into account the recent Combine results, they've now got a different player heading to New Orleans come late April: Ezekiel Ansah from BYU. Here's their rationalization for the mock pick:

The potential Ansah possesses is as great as any player in the draft this year. He may be best as a five-technique end, but has the athleticism to play linebacker as the Saints move to a 3-4 defense.

I love this choice, though I don't think it's going to happen. Ansah was previously a top ten selection before impressive Combine performances from players like Dion Jordan, Sharrif Floyd, and Barkevious Mingo pushed Ansah further down the draft board. I don't, however, think this is the likely course of events and Ansah is probably still out of the reach of New Orleans.

How about you guys? Is Ansah a real possibility now? Is he someone you'd be happy seeing the Saints draft?