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NFL Free Agents 2013: Cornerbacks

If the Saints are looking to help bolster their passing defense with some new talent at the cornerback position, this is a complete list of the players available for signing through unrestricted free agency this off-season.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Feel free to discuss the players that you covet the most for the Saints this season.

Player Position Team Accrued Seasons (includes 2012)
Bowman, Zack CB Bears 5
Hayden, Kelvin CB Bears 8
Moore, D.J. CB Bears 4
Clements, Nate CB Bengals 12
Jones, Pac-Man CB Bengals 6
Newman, Terence CB Bengals 10
McKelvin, Leodis CB Bills 5
Porter, Tracy CB Broncos 5
Brown, Sheldon CB Browns 11
Biggers, E.J. CB Buccaneers 4
McDonald, Brandon CB Buccaneers 6
Adams, Michael CB Cardinals 5
Toler, Greg CB Cardinals 4
Carr, Chris CB Chargers 8
Cason, Antoine CB Chargers 5
Jammer, Quentin CB Chargers 11
Daniels, Travis CB Chiefs 8
Butler, Darius CB Colts 4
Powers, Jerraud CB Colts 4
Coe, Michael CB Cowboys 6
Jenkins, Mike CB Cowboys 5
Dolphins Smith, Sean CB Dolphins 4
Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique CB Eagles 5
Grimes, Brent CB Falcons 5
Owens, Christopher CB Falcons 4
Johnson, Bruce CB Giants 4
Tryon, Justin CB Giants 5
Witherspoon, Brian CB Giants 4
Cox, Derek CB Jaguars 4
Mathis, Rashean CB Jaguars 10
Middleton, William CB Jaguars 4
Molden, Antwaun CB Jaguars 4
Florence, Drayton CB Lions 10
Houston, Chris CB Lions 6
Lacey, Jacob CB Lions 4
Lee, Patrick CB Lions 5
Munnerlyn, Captain CB Panthers 4
Allen, Will CB Patriots 12
Arrington, Kyle CB Patriots 4
Cole, Marquice CB Patriots 4
Talib, Aqib CB Patriots 5
Hanson, Joselio CB Raiders 8
Spencer, Shawntae CB Raiders 9
Fletcher, Bradley CB Rams 4
Johnson, Chris CB Ravens 8
Williams, Cary CB Ravens 4
Griffin, Cedric CB Redskins 7
Mack, Elbert CB Saints 5
Trufant, Marcus CB Seahawks 10
King, Justin CB Steelers 5
Lewis, Keenan CB Steelers 4
McCain, Brice CB Texans 4
Routt, Stanford CB Texans 8
Mouton, Ryan CB Titans 4